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My brother and I got the idea for this quiz from another one called "How Detroit are you?". The premise is the same: How Highland Park are you? I see and hear a lot of people representing Highland Park all the time but my brother and I decided to find out who really knows Highland Park. Who has taken the time to investigate the city they claim to love sooo much? I was BORN and raised in Highland Park. I no longer live there but I love the city and what is used to be as well as its potential. So do you really Represent HP? or is it just a catchy phrase? Take the quiz and find out.

In just a moment you will find out what you really know about Highland Park, Michigan. We knew Highland Park when it was one of the great cities of the midwest, and that's what we are trying to impart here; the memory of something that was at one time great and we want to share it with those who remember when...

Created by: Marlena of myspace
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3. What used to be on the existing site of Highland Park High School?
Faygo Factory
BetterMaid Chip Company
WGPR Studio
Ford Park
4. Where was the original Highland Park High School located?
6 mile and Woodward
Cortland and Hamilton
Glendale between 2nd and 3rd
Oakland Avenue
5. What famous car was first manufactured in HP?
Ford Model-T
6. What was the name of the famous department store where you DIDN'T wanna get your school clothes from?
Lord and Taylor
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
7. What is the OFFICIAL gym shoe of Highland Park?
Kresge slides
8. What was Reggie McKenzie field formerly known as?
Spudd McKenzie Field
Terry Durod Field
Hackett Field
The Palace of Highland Park
9. When was the last year that the Highland Park High School basketball team won a state title?
10. What was the name of the traveling recreation vehicle that visited each street during the summer?
The Station Wagon
Escalade of Fun
The Bookmobile
The Fun Wagon
11. What is the OFFICIAL nickname of Highland Park?
"The Biggest Little Ghetto in America"
"The City of 3 House Blocks"
"The City of Trees"
"The Birthplace of Auto Assembly"
12. Who was Ferris Middle School named for?
The inventor of the Ferris Wheel
Ferris Bueller
Governor George W. Ferris
Ferris Hilton
13. What is the name of the first Freeway in the US that runs through Highland Park
The Davison Freeway
The Autobahn
The Lodge Freeway
Route 66
14. Where is Willard School located?
Richton between 2nd and 3rd
Elmhurst and Woodward
8 mile
Hamilton at Davison
15. What world famous motel was located on Woodward in Highland Park?
Motel 6
The Red Roof Inn
Howard Johnson
The Cavalier
16. Who was the Mayor that ALLEDGEDLY brought Highland Park to financial ruin?
Marion Barry
Robert Blackwell
Jerry Springer
Kwame Kilpatrick
17. What famous Television star's mother worked at Highland Park High School?
Gary Coleman
Martin Lawrence
Thelma Hopkins
New York from Flavor of Love
18. Name the five elementary schools that were located in Highland Park?
Cortland, Thompson, Midland, Willard, and Liberty.
Willard, Thompson, Cortland , Ford ,and Liberty.
Thompson, Ferris, Liberty,Cortland, and Midland.
Barber, Ferris, Ford, Cortland, and Willard.
19. How large is Highland Park?
10.5 miles
4.4 miles
2.2 miles
4 city blocks
20. What is the OFFICIAL mascot of Highland Park High School?
The Fighting Wombats
The Naked Molerats
The Polar Bears
The Wolverines

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