High School Musical 2 quiz

This quiz requires Disney Channel viewers... its about the disney channel orignal movie High School Musical 2... Its a really fun quiz that you yes YOU can solve on your own... just remember don't go google anything just because you can'y figure out the answer... just take your best guess and go on with the rest of the quiz with some independency and confedence...

So are YOU qualified for this quiz? And are you genius enough to make a perfect score? Well i hope so because your about to take (hopefully you click next) the best High School Musical quiz EVER MADE my friend! So don't get to eager and frustrated you'll find out in a few minutes!

Created by: kaitlyn
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1. What song goes with these lyrics: Ice tea imported from england, lifegaurds imported from spain, towels imported from turkey, and turkey imported from maine... were gonna relax and renew...
You are the music in me
get'cha head in the game
All for one
Bet on it
2. Who playd Sharpay Evans in High School Musical 2?
Moniqe Coleman
Vanessa Hudgens
Gabriella Montez
Jasmine Humphrey
Miley Cyrus
Ashley Tisdale
3. What color is Zac Efrons new hair color in High School Musical 2?
blonde with a reddish tent...
4. How many of the main Characters (Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, Troy, Gabriella, Taylor) in High School Musical 2 have blonde hair?
5. Who was the guest star on High School Musical 2?
Miley Cyrus
Emily Osment
Michelle Mousue
Brad Pitt
Britney Spears
Kaitlyn Compton
6. How old is Sharpay Evans(Ashley Tisdale)
7. Whos was the manager of Lava Springs (The summer country club in High School Musical 2)?
Mr. Faulker
Mr. Fix
Mr. dowing
Mr. Folton
Mrs. Folton
Ms. Sally
8. Who's the main character of High School Musical 2?
Sharpay Evans
Ryan Evans
Troy Bolton
Eeveryone is the main character
both Troy and Gabriella
none of the above
9. In the High School Musical 2 movie cover (poster, advertisement exc...) what was the background?
simpsons background
10. What kind of car did Sharpay drive going to Lava Springs?
Pink mustang, convertable
Yellow SUV
brown van
black broken down, ugly piece of s---
Pink van, convertable
She didn't have a car, she walked...

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