Venessa Hudgens

Do you know Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical? I sure hope you do and even if you don't you can just guess the answers and maybe you will get 100% and become a genius(that is common, seeing as we have a very smart generation).

Are you the QUEEN BEE of High School Musical or the KING? If not, keep trying and you could knock my sister out of first position(it will be a good challenge)so from me - take the quiz and enjoy it. If you don't, it is not the end of the world.

Created by: Shannon Nauschutz
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1. Who does she play in High School Musical?
Gabriella Montez
Sharpay Evans
2. What school does she get transfered to?
West High
East High
3. What part of her body is always nervous on the first day at a new school?
Her heart
Her stomach
4. Who takes her cellphone away?
Mrs Darbus
Mrs Bolten
5. Who does she say nice penmanship to?
Scarlet Evans
Sharpay Evans
6. Who does she sing with in the theatre?
Chad Bolton
Troy Bolton
7. Who asked to join the Scholastic Decathlon club?
8. Who does she mess her lunch all over?
Sharpay Evans
Scarlet Evans
9. What song does she sing on her own?
When I was with you
When there was me and you
10. Who does she live with?
Her mom and dad
Her mom
her dad

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