Harry Potter Wand Quiz

Get ready for this quiz it is very hard and meant only for major Harry Potter fans. to win you have to remember waht everyone wands were from Harry's wand to even Peter Pettigrews

Can you get all of them right, not likely but do good and earn the title Haryy Potter WANDMAKER try the quiz and find out not only how well you know everyones wands but how much of a fan you are

Created by: Ethan
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1. What is Harry Potter's wand?
Cherry and Unicorn hair 12"
Willow and Dragon heartstring 9"
Holly and Phoenix feather 11"
Elm and Phoenix feather 11 1/2"
Rosewood and Dragon heartstring 10"
2. What is Voldemort's wand?
Yew and Phoenix feather 13 1/2"
Yew and Unicorn hair 15"
Walnut and Phoenix feather 12"
Elm and Phoenix feather 13"
Holly and Unicorn hair 12 3/4"
3. What is Ron's wand? (the one he gets in the third book after his handmedown wand breaks)
Willow and Unicorn hair 9 1/4"
Willow and Unicorn hair 14"
Chestnut and Dragon heartstring 14 3/4"
Rosewood and Phoenix feather 8 1/2"
Oak and Dragon heartstring 10"
4. What is Hermione's wand?
Ash and Phoenix feather 12 1/2"
Vine and Dragon heartstring 10 3/4"
Rosewood and Thestral hair 10"
Rosewood and Dragon heartstring 9 3/4"
Vine and Unicorn hair 10 1/2"
5. What is Viktor Krum's wand?
Hornbeam and Dragon heartstring 10 1/4"
Elm and Dragon heartstring 11"
Elm and Dragon heartstring 11 1/2"
Hornbeam and Unicorn hair 10"
Hawthorn and Phoenix feather 9"
6. What is Cedric Diggory's wand?
Vine and Unicorn hair 11 1/4"
Ash and Dragon heartstring 11 1/2"
Ash and Unicorn hair 12 1/4"
Chestnut and Phoenix feather 8"
Willow and Dragon heartstring 13"
7. What is Fleur Delacore's wand?
Oak and Dragon heartstring 12 3/4"
Willow and Phoenix feather 8"
Holly and Veela hair 9"
Rosewood and Unicorn hair 10 1/4"
Rosewood and Veela hair 9 1/2"
8. What is Draco Malfoy's wand?
Blackthorn and Dragon heartstring 10"
Vine and Unicorn hair 11"
Elm and Phoenix feather 10 1/2"
Mahogany and Dragon heartstring 9 3/4"
Hawthorn and Unicorn hair 10"
9. What is Neville Longbottom's wand?
Hornbeam and Unicorn hair 13"
Walnut and Unicorn hair 13"
Chestnut and unicorn hair 13"
Cherry and Unicorn hair 13"
Willow and Unicorn hair 13"
10. What is Peter Pettigrew's wand?
Chestnut and Phoenix feather 9 1/4"
Chestnut and Dragon heartstring 9 1/4"
Chestnut and Unicorn hair 9 1/4"
Chestnut and Veela hair 9 1/4
Chestnut and Thestral hair 9 1/4"
11. What is Lucius Malfoy's wand?
Walnut and Unicorn hair 14"
Oak and Unicorn hair 15"
Elm and Dragon heartstring 18"
Chestnut and Dragon heartstring 12"
Elm and Dragon heartstring 12 1/2"
12. What is Bellatrix Lestrange's wand?
Elm and Unicorn hair 14"
Ash and Unicorn hair 14"
Mahogany and Dragon heartstring 13"
Walnut and Dragon heartstring 12 3/4"
Elm and Dragon heartstring 12"
13. What is Marry Cattermole's wand?
Chestnut and Dragon heartstring 10"
Walnut and Thestral hair 11 1/2"
Rosewood and Dragon heartstring 12"
Cherry and Unicorn hair 8 3/4"
Cherry and Unicorn hair 13 1/4"

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