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Have you ever wondered what your spiritual tree wood would be? Do you want to know what your wand wood would be if you were in the Harry Potter series?

Take this quiz to find out! This is if you were born in Summer, of course. This quiz uses the Celtic Tree Calendar to determine your wood, like J.K Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter. Remember to answer honestly!

Created by: Graham of msn
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What month is your birthday?
4. Do you prefer to eat nuts or berries?
5. Could you possibly narrow your birth down a bit?
June 1 - 9.
June 10 - July 7.
July 8 - August 4.
August 5 - 31.
6. Does family come first for you?
Yes, I am devoted to my family!
Depends who as I have my preferences.
No. I'd gladly sacrifice them for myself.
7. Do you usually "judge a book by its cover"?
Yes. I'm pretty judgemental!
Only if it doesn't pique my interest - otherwise I look below the surface.
No. Get to know something first before you form an opinion!
8. Do you work hard?
Yes. I'm a hard grafter.
Only if it's necessary.
No. I'm pretty lazy.
9. How smart are you?
VERY smart.
Quite smart.
Not very smart.
Complete and utter dunce!
10. If someone was confessing something terrible to you, what is your reaction?
Nod and listen intently. You can be very understanding.
Gasp! You didn't expect that!
Show emotion all the way through and try to act concerned.
Pfft! Just ignore them - it's not my problem!
11. A family member has just had a baby and they trust you to look after it for half an hour while they nip over to get some milk at the supermarket. Just then, the baby starts crying! What do you do?
Rock the baby and sing it back to sleep, knowing that this will stop the baby crying.
Get out an instruction book to see what the type of crying means - THEN you can tend to it depending on its needs.
Call the parent on your mobile.
Try ANYTHING to get it to stop! Toys, milk, pram, ANYTHING!
Just ignore it. It's not my baby!
12. Your history teacher announces a trip to the war graves in Belgium is coming up and you are to sign a list if you want to go. This is a life-changing experience! The bell rings. You...
...Leap out of your seat and be one of the first to sign the list.
...Keep on walking - sorry, it's not my cup of tea!
...Sign only if my friends are going.
13. You visit an art gallery with a family member. What kind of paintings do you view the most while you're there?
Modern art, like sculptures and Picasso paintings.
Kiddies drawings - children are sweet!
Optical illusions that trick the mind!
Traditional paintings with effective usage of tone, atmosphere, colour and texture.
All of the above! It's nice to have variety.
Neither. I don't like art/have my own favourite style.
14. It's a test today and the teacher tells you to put your notes away so NO CHEATING! What do you do?
Obey at once. I revised thouroughly!
Quickly flick through your notes and put it away.
Lay your notes open on your lap but only you can see them.
I forgot we had a test. *GULP!*
15. How confident are you to accomplish your goals in life?
Very confident.
Quite confident.
A bit confident.
Not so confident.
I underestimate myself too much, so 0 confidence!
16. In class you are split into groups to have a group debate. You are nominated as the group leader. You then say:
"Yes! I always wanted to be that!"
"I'll give it a try..."
"No thanks!"
17. "The librarian ran down the corridor but in her haste, tripped over a pile of books." What are your thoughts now?
Irony is so clever! XD
Ouch! Poor librarian.
Haha! What a sight!
What? I don't get it!
There's something about that sentence.
18. What is your downfall?
19. LAST QUESTION: What is your Star Sign?
Gemini The Twins. (22 May - 21 June.)
Cancer The Crab. (22 June - 23 July.)
Leo The Lion. (24 July - 23 August.)
Virgo The Virgin. (24 August - September 23.)

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