Funny Hotline Phone #'s

Ok.... These phone numbers are all 100% real and are absolutely hilarious... please call it if you want a really hard laugh... I can almost guarente that u will laugh non-stop.

This quiz isn't suposed to be hard... if you get something wrong... it doesn't matter at all... this is just to give you funny hotline numbers. Please call... you will laugh your a** off.

Created by: Fenway

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  1. Easter Bunny Phone #
  2. Santa's Phne #
  3. That sucks hotline
  4. Groundhog Day Sucks Hotline
  5. WTF hotline
  6. Tooth Fairy Phone #
  7. Valentines Day Sucks Hotline
  8. Don't Worry, Everyone Farts Hotline
  9. The Break up b---- Hotline
  10. Happy Mother's Day comedy Hotline

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