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Here is a fun, and quick ten question quiz that will test the knowledge of what you have learned about on this blog. Hopefully that knowledge has expanded since you logged on to our site.

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Created by: Group Four of Acetaminophenod
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1. What is a common brand name for acetaminophen?
2. What is the max daily dose for an adult for Tylenol?
4000 milligrams
500 milligrams
8000 milligrams
30 grams
3. What is a side effect of acetaminophen overdose?
skin redness
trouble breathing
4. True/False. The age group that overdoses the most on acetaminophen is 15-20.
5. True/False. Since people over 60 can't see the labeling as well, they overdose the most on acetaminophen.
6. What is the most life threating toxic effect of acetaminophen overdose?
Blood clots
Bone fractures
Acute liver failure
Loosing consciousness
7. What is your favorite class?
8. Therapeutic effects of acetaminophen include which of the following?
Fever reduction
Pain relief
All of the above
9. How many deaths occur annually due to acetaminophen overdose?
over 1000
about 8
about 450
about 200
10. How many ER visits occur annually due to acetaminophen overdose?
about 56000
about 3000
about 700
about 1500

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