Can't the terrorists just realize they're being bad and stop

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Thread Topic: Can't the terrorists just realize they're being bad and stop

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The question was continued in the sub title
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No they're horrible Swear2!
I think you are a horrible person!
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I agree Atepa.
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good job you solved it you solved terrorism here's your Nobel Peace Prize
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Omg lol^
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Here's the thing, they won't realize they're being bad, because they think they're being good. And even though most people think they are being bad doesn't mean they are, because good and evil are opinions and in their opinion they're good, not evil. It's not very often that someone like that will think to themselves, You know what? What we're doing is bad, we should stop. And maybe they know they're being bad and they don't care.

And that was me saying a bunch of bulls---, adios!
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No one really thinks they are being bad but can't they just realize that innocent people are dying because of them?
Seriously, beep them.
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And Atepa your post looks so strange now that Swear2 person is deleted (I think)
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From the terrorist's perspective, innocent people are dying because of you. So an eye for an eye seems particularly justified.
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nigga you crazy
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Well an eye for an eye does make sense but its also harsh .... Two wrongs don't make a right but wot did you expect?
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I think they like being bad. The media gives them too much attention. The media gives school shooters too much attention too. Screwballs love the attention. The media needs to stop giving terrorists headlines. Terrorists love attention and they love being bad, religion s a great excuse. Terrorist leaders don't blow themselves up. They get brainwashed fools to do it. Religion is a great recruiting tool.
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Terrorists realizing they are bad.

I read this, and I can see where you are coming from, but honestly they won't ever think they are wrong because of how they have been taught (per say). I'm not saying that they can't eventually "mature" and realize what they are doing is wrong, but as Tsanchan2 said, They do get brainwashed fools to act on their behalf.
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bc in their eyes it is the price of moving forward
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Here is how I'm gonna answer your question with a question is their morals the same as our Morals? Oh how about this one; Why do they View Us as the bad guy.

honestly in their Eyes what they are doing is right and we're doing is wrong.

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