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  • How smart are you? The easy version.
    [published: Jul 6, 2017]

    Are you smart? Or rather, do you know the answers to these questions? If you don't you suck…

  • How well do you know Wings of Fire
    [published: Mar 26, 2017]

    How well do you know the Wings of Fire books? Well, if you want to find out don't take this…

  • Would I date You?
    [published: Mar 31, 2016]

    Would I date you? Take this quiz to find out! Now, to take up space: Kill the dead guys they died yesterday!…

  • Are you an angel or a demon?
    [published: Mar 20, 2016]

    Have you ever wondered whether you would be a demon, angel, or a half-demon half-angel? Well if you…

  • what mythacle creatcher are you?
    [published: Mar 10, 2016]

    dont you want to know what mythacle creatcher you would be?well this quiz will tell you…

  • snow leopards!!!!
    [published: Aug 19, 2014]

    this is a quiz to see how much you know about snow leopards.now to take up space PINEAPPLE CUCUMBER AVACADO…

  • are you a 2kan person
    [published: Aug 13, 2014]

    2kan is my way of saying toucan. A 2kan person is a person that loves 2kans. I don't know what to say so…

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  • Forbidden Magic
    "Ash grinned, "A challenge? You really think you can beat me? Well, you can try, I never lose a fight." "I can help you if you w"
  • Forbidden Magic
    "Ash waved a hand dismissively, "Of course it would work on them! And even if it didn't, I would still be able to fight them. If they did tha..."
  • The Wall
  • Chaos Castle
    ""...We don't know." Mountain told him, Waterfall nodded, "Kelly didn't tell us yet.""
  • Forbidden Magic
    ""Okay." said Sorcha. Ash laughed, "Scared? It would be the werewolves who'd be scared of me!""
  • "6"
  • Chaos Castle
    "Both Mountain and Waterfall were kind of upset that neither Tom nor Molly acknowledged them when they told them they had a job, but they did..."
  • Forbidden Magic
    "Sorcha nodded, "So, what kind of books are you looking for? I have a bunch of spell books that I'm gonna look at later." "Or we"
  • Chaos Castle
    ""Guess what!" Waterfall said to Molly and Tom, "We have a job!" Mountain finished. They were both clearly excited about that, though they di..."
  • Forbidden Magic
    ""Maybe there is some other people, but we just haven't seen them. This is a big castle after all." Sorcha reasoned. "Make fake "
  • Chaos Castle
    ""It's okay." the twins assured her. "We should get to class." Waterfall said, "We don't want to be late." Mountain continued."
  • Forbidden Magic
    ""I could blow up all the walls, then they couldn't tell which way we went." Ash told her, still set on the idea of blowing something up as a..."
  • Chaos Castle
    "The twins smiled and waved at Molly, though neither of them expected her to wave back."
  • Forbidden Magic
    "Sorcha nodded thoughtfully, "By the way, have you seen anyone else here? Like any servants? It's a bit a strange that there doesn't seem to ..."
  • The Wall

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