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  • How Evil Are You? (Part 2!!)
    [published: Aug 19, 2017]

    Like I promised! I said I was gonna make a part two right?! Well, here it is!! Buckle your seatbelts…

    [published: Jun 17, 2017]


  • How much do you know me? (Part 2)
    [published: Apr 12, 2017]

    This is it!! I promised I would make a part two (2) and I actually did!! I feel so proud of…

  • Lyrics Quiz: Shape Of You (by Ed Sheeran)
    [published: Mar 22, 2017]

    Ed Sheeran just released a song called "Shape Of You". Ed premiered this song alongside…

  • Would I Date You? (Boys Only)
    [published: Feb 23, 2017]

    I'm doing this just for fun, and I wanna see if you and I are compatible. A lot of people do this…

  • The Bored Quiz~
    [published: Feb 22, 2017]

    I'm so bored that my brain was like "Whatcha gonna think of now?" And I was like "I don't know, you? And my brain…

  • How much do you know me?
    [published: Dec 13, 2016]

    Do you know me and how I do my stuffs and how I eat and how I laugh and how I sing and how I fart and…

  • How evil are you?
    [published: Dec 4, 2016]

    Welcome to the official and ultimate How evil are you quiz. Do you think you are evil enough to pass this quiz.…

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  • Would You Rather?
    "Peeeeeeeee. Would you rather live a boring life forever, with no friends, no family, no nothing or die now, and be remembered f"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Min-joon stared at her, longingly. He opened his mouth to talk but no words came out. It was you. I can't believe you were the one I save..."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "(Did you read my long post tho?)"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "*"Right." Min-joon cut in, "There's no reason you're her.""
  • Discarded Hearts
    "(Sigh. Ok) Min-joon eyes started fogging up. You're not about to cry, are you? "You look so much like her..." He mumbles"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Min-joon drove off. Mark pulled her into a hug, "I'm sorry." Was all he said. Min-joon pulled over when he notice"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "(Ohhhhh. Forgive me lol 😂🔫) Min-joon caught her in his arms and the whole closure was making him feel flustered. Someone "
  • Discarded Hearts
    "(The small jump she made out the pair quite close? I'm confused 😄😄 sorry )"
  • Discarded Hearts
    ""Nah. But I'll help you look for him. Its quite crowded here." Min-joon answered, then he got out the car and walked over to the passengers ..."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Min-joon noticed she was looking at him through his peripheral vision. He still kept his gaze on the road. Not daring to look at her. "
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Min-joon grabbed her arm before she could start thrashing around and yelling "I can't". He then slowly intertwined their fingers and "
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Min-joon rolled his eyes at her behaviour, he got into the car and started the engine."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Min-Joon gave her a cold stare, her puppy eyes were clearly having an effect on him. He quickly looked away at a different direction, "Uh, y..."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Mark smiled, like she could see him and then said, "Ok." Before hanging up. Min-joon was slightly pissed, so he decided to come"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "(It was really Mark )"

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