What country do you dream of living in???

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Thread Topic: What country do you dream of living in???

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I'd love to live in Ireland or Scotland. :)
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I'm fine with the U.S., and Canada's cool. I like North America since there's a lot of room and land, not just cities.
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I like the US, but I also think that Europe would be cool also. But, I'm fine with my current country, the US
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The U.S is eh for the moment. If I could go anywhere, it would be Uruguay or Mexico.

The first of the two because the people are very nice and pleasant compared to here and it's a very Italian-influenced country so it tends to have beautiful places to visit. I'd just imagine it to be a calm place to live if you have just enough money to live in the calm cities.

The latter of the two because I obviously lived there for the first four years of my life, and I couldn't think of another time where I was happier. People are very nice, the small city is of course course but beautiful, life is peaceful, and you don't really live with any worries except "what the f--- are we making for dinner today." At least where I lived, though.
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The U.S. is kinda boring me. Australia has always intrigued me. But I do like living here, it's just the area I live in.
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I'd like to live in either France or Italy for awhile.
Hikaru Katsu
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Los Angeles, because Australia bores the hell out of me XD or maybe Spain...
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im fine with the US
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US for sure.
I like to live in Australia too but I prefer US.
absol heart
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ireland, japan, or canada.
6 6 sick
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Sweden,Norway or Finland.
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maybe australia
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England or Russia.
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