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  • Test your knowledge on Shaman King.
    [published: Apr 21, 2017]

    Hey, welcome and thank you for clicking on my quiz! I'm sure that this will really put your…

  • yugioh card quiz
    [published: Feb 28, 2014]

    yugioh is a card game for kids of all ages. it requires strategy, luck, and the willpower to crush your…

  • do you know me quiz 2nd edition
    [published: Aug 26, 2013]

    so i made a do you know me quiz back when i was a total noob. it sucks hard when i looked at it…

  • How well do you know weird al yankovic
    [published: Jan 1, 2013]

    many people makeknowlege quizez. well this is a BIT diffrent i wanna see how much you know…

  • are you bruce lee or chuck noris
    [published: Oct 3, 2012]

    everyone knows bruce lee and chuck noris are famouse fighters. but which one of them are you?i…

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  • "Rey shrugged as if to say "nothing much" before the male waiter stopped by again and, with more impatience that before, asked "What'll ya'll..."
  • It has been done.
    "Haca Diga Eebowai"
  • "Cockcroach scoffed at her remark and shrugged. "I'm just... Tired." He said, afterwards taking a deep breath before exhaling semi-loudly. "A..."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "*shudders* Imma go to bed, see you tomorrow my dood :)"
  • Oohwoowoo
    "Indeed. *Looks off in the distance with a somewhat disgusted expression on my face*"
  • Oohwoowoo
    "Compared to you, my love, she's a withered old street hag."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "If I did get off-ed, at least I died being yours."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "Chad's a puss. Leave him to me. Just be mine, my darling... Hell, let me be yours, I beg of you."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "Haha, I can't believe you remembered that... So you like me too, da?"
  • Oohwoowoo
    "*As soon as they're out of sight, I turn to you can pull out the clip of the gun, only to show that it's empty* I can't believe that worked...."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "Get the f--- out of here, Chad! Before I pull the trigger!"
  • Oohwoowoo
    "I'm crazy, Chad! CRAZY FOR LOVE!"
  • Oohwoowoo
    "I'm more prepared than you think, Chad.. *I pull out my Makarov pistol* Now just back up and leave. I don't want to have to put you out of c..."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "Hit me all you want, Chad! But you'll never beat down my passion for her! It'll be more red hot than your passion ever has and will be! So f..."
  • Oohwoowoo
    "I'm confessing my love, Chad! Confronting these feelings I've had for the girl you've been too blind to fully appreciate!"

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