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There are many rumors about what you should eat and how much. But one thing that stays the same is 'The Food Pyramid'. The food pyramid is a simple diagram that shows how many servings of each food group that you should have.

Do you know your Carbanydrates to your Fats. How well you do with your knowledge on the food pyramid. What do you know and what will you learn from doing this quiz.

Created by: keira
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1. How many groups are in the food pyramid?
2. Meat Contains which two?
Vitamins and Minerals.
Iron and Zinc.
Calcum and Zinc.
3. How many servings should you have of vegtables?
1 - 3 Servings.
3 - 5 Servings.
5 - 6 Servings
4. Carbs give you what?
Cell re-build.
5. Fruit can help protect your body from?
6. Dairy contains Calcium which help bones. But what else does it help?
Reproductive System.
Nerves and Muscles.
Brain and Eye Sight
7. You get no nutritional value from this group?
Meat and Protein.
Fats, Oils and Sweets.
8. It is now reccomended that you should have how many fruit and veg a day?
9. In what order is the Pyramid, from bottom to top?
Veg, Fruit/Meat, Carb/Dairy, Fats.
Carb, Veg/Fruit, Dairy/Meat, Fats.
Meat, Carb/Dairy, Veg/Fruit, Fats.
10. Breackfast is full of?

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