Femme or Butch Lesbian

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kamasutralady said:
Mar 7 '16, 11:05AM

100%.Accurate,I am 44% femme.proud of it.I am sporty butch,best of both sides.I look great,smell great.and know how to treat the ladies,above and beyond expectations.Exactl y..this quiz is reassuring at time.the results could be better...it is positive results..that's awesome.lol

gray_arrow said:
Feb 10 '16, 3:43PM

I'm sporty butch...kinda what I expected tbh...

niangera said:
Jan 6 '16, 8:26PM

Dang 23% femme. I was hoping like 0% femme. Well whatever, I know what I am. And that's butch.

timaeusTestified said:
Mar 4 '15, 9:44PM

Damn. Only 20% femme. What a pleasant surprise :)

cutechick said:
Dec 14 '14, 2:23PM

I'm a 90% femme wow

cutechick said:
Dec 14 '14, 2:20PM

I'm a 90% femme wow

cutechick said:
Dec 14 '14, 2:07PM

I'm a 90% femme wow

Lisbeth said:
Nov 11 '14, 12:40PM

Oh m 58% femme wow dats gr8

FemmeMe said:
Nov 3 '14, 3:07PM

Only 59% femme, which is totally inaccurate. I'm a femme, through-and-through . Just because I also like to drink beer and party at the pool doesn't mean I'm not doing it in heels and lipstick. Dumb quiz.

Nolee said:
May 10 '14, 10:28AM

Nolee 22 :)I got 28% femm it hd hlpd me cz i ddnt knw maslf any more thnk

Lucy123 said:
May 22 '13, 11:12AM

i got 87% femme i like what they said about me - You know it! I will tell you anyway. You are femme all the way! Looking sexy and driving the women crazy! That is so true about me im all femme all the way!

ella_rose said:
Aug 6 '12, 8:04PM

I got 52% Femme..I can go back and forth..which is kinda true. In a lot of ways I act lazy, act and look like a guy etc...but I also like to be quite feminine/cute! ^^ idk I feel like I'd be a butchy femme. So I guess my result is true :P

die ana said:
Mar 20 '12, 6:31PM

Sporty butch. Best of both sides. You look great, smell great and know how to treat the ladies! - i kneww that!!! I treat my gf good so ya ;)

piperlovegood said:
Feb 22 '12, 3:21AM

I got the best of both sides. I dress more like a guy boxers(with exception of the visitor) jeans t-shirts etc, and I can fix my own car(god people look so impressed when I popped the hood of my honda to jiggle the battery cables, seriously if you were broke you wouldn't know what to do?). As for bathing it's only when I'm going somewhere or can smell myself.

tomboy68 said:
Dec 18 '11, 10:57PM

im andro. 33% femme is cool but tomboy. i wear t shirts,jeans,nike,w atch football & ufc. have shouler length hair,can fix a car,likes fixing things and attracted to femmes who dont mind switching things up and love to treat ladys with respect...open doors,buy flowers,pay for dates,etc.

kahlua said:
Jul 7 '11, 7:08AM

femme, but i can fight like a butch would

poisonivy1413 said:
Aug 28 '10, 12:28AM

lol... butch... i wear boxers and everything. and i've lost count of how many times i got mistaken for a dude cuz of how i dress.

gothAngel17 said:
Aug 4 '10, 12:32PM

I'm the butch that wear boxers and white t-shirt. Use cologne and boish haircut not long but not to short. I even wore a tuxedo to my prom lol.

tegansara12 said:
Jul 21 '10, 11:46PM

Sporty butch. Best of both sides. You look great, smell great and know how to treat the ladies! My favorite!

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