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  • 100%.Accurate,I am 44% femme.proud of it.I am sporty butch,best of both sides.I look great,smell great.and know how to treat the ladies,above and beyond expectations.Exactl y..this quiz is reassuring at time.the results could be better...it is positive results..that's awesome.lol

    kamasutralady Mar 7 '16, 11:05AM
  • I'm sporty butch...kinda what I expected tbh...

    gray_arrow Feb 10 '16, 3:43PM
  • Dang 23% femme. I was hoping like 0% femme. Well whatever, I know what I am. And that's butch.

    niangera Jan 6 '16, 8:26PM
  • Damn. Only 20% femme. What a pleasant surprise :)

    timaeusTestified Mar 4 '15, 9:44PM
  • I'm a 90% femme wow

    cutechick Dec 14 '14, 2:23PM
  • I'm a 90% femme wow

    cutechick Dec 14 '14, 2:20PM
  • I'm a 90% femme wow

    cutechick Dec 14 '14, 2:07PM

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