Femme or Butch Lesbian

There are tons of different kinds of lesbians. This test will tell you if you are femme or butch or something else. It is not to long so give it a shot!

Confused if you should wear a tux or a dress to your wedding? What about who should pay for the date? This test will help you narrow it down! Already know, take it for fun!

Created by: Mon
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your Saturday night outfit consists of...
Sexy dress with heels
Fashionable top and sexy jeans
Polo with bermuda shorts
Sport type pants with a t-shirt
Birthday suit
4. Your day with your friends consists of...
Shopping at the coolest stores
Shooting hoops
Shooting poor helpless animals
Drinking beer at a pool party
Prepping yourself for your hot dates
Talking to your online friends
5. Quick...what kind of scent do you wear?
Sweat and Beer
Whatever trial size item you come upon
6. You have a car problem, you?
Call roadside assistance
Call your girlfriend
Consider what you are wearing, date night. Call someone, anyone
Try to do it yourself. Realize you failed auto shop because you were busy with your girlfriend
Pop the hood and get dirty
Open a beer call your buds and fix it
7. Who would you rather date?
Jennifer Aniston
K.D Lang
Who ever wonders to your door
8. Beer bongs are?
For teenagers
Ask my girlfriend
Great for a special occasion
What, what is that?
Great, have you seen my newest one?
9. When meeting up for a special date, you?
Recieve flowers
Give flowers
Pay a compliment
Ask if she has money
Are lavished in beautiful flowers and kisses
Does Blow up Betty count?
10. You come down with the flu, your remedy to get better is...
Rest, Fluids, Vitamins
Nothing! I will get through it
Kiss everyone you know!
Buy something to knock out the symptoms
Have your girlfriend wait on you hand and foot
Run to your nearest ER
11. When you pack, you are?
Having the twins out for the world to see
Wearing your special underwear
Going on vacation
12. You are in a relationship, you?
Are the boss
Pretend to be the boss but know you are not
Sit down and shut up
Listen and nod politely to everything she says
Fight about who is the boss
13. You receive a puppy for your birthday, possible names are...
Cute name, i.e, snowball, sugar
Killer or something scarry
A friendly name like Nate
14. A gay man hits on you, this is likely to happen because...
He is drunk and very confused
Trying to show his parents he is straight
Thinks you are the cutest boy in the club
Thinks you are a drag queen
15. Your roommate mentions you should freshen up, you?
This would never happen!
Hop in the shower
Ask her to smell something to narrow it down
Pour cologne or perfume on to mask the odor
Sit down and scratch something
16. Do people ever call you sir?
All the time, and I hate it
All the time and I love it

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