FCCLA Trivia Questions (Advanced)

There are many smart people out there, but few true FCCLA geniuses. Is your knowledge extensive enough to understand leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education?

This FCCLA quiz will test your brain power to its full extent. If you aren't completely skilled in FCCLA trivia, then this quiz will exploit that weakness to the fullest.

Created by: Matt of EC Buffaloes
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1. Which program strengthens leadership skills on the job?
Power of One
Dynamic Leadership
Leadership in the Workfield
Leaders at Work
2. Which program provides an opportunity for international travel?
Power of One
Foreign Travel
National Outreach Project
Japanese Exchange Program
3. Which program's logo features a dollar sign?
Leaders at Work
Financial Fitness
Power of One
Career Connection
4. What are the steps of the Planning Process?
Identify Concerns, Set A Goal, Form A Plan, Act, Follow Up
Pick A Project, Get Motivated, Reasearch, Bring Together
Talk To Advisor, Research, Act, Follow Up
Identify Problems, Work To Fix Them, Follow Up
5. Which program recognizes family-related projects and teaches skills to strengthen families?
Community Service
Families First
Power of One
6. What are the three levels of recognition for STAR Events?
1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Novice, Intermediate, and Expert
Good, Better, and Best
Gold, Silver, and Bronze
7. What STAR Event features the use of technology?
Applied Technology
Technology First
Going Technological
8. Three prior presentations must be documented in which STAR Event?
Career Investigation
Illustrated Talk
Teach and Train
9. Which program teaches essentials of ethical leadership and character building?
Leaders at Work
Career Connection
Financial Fitness
Dynamic Leadership
10. What national program was originally sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?
Community Service
Power of One
STOP the Violence
11. What national program focuses on student wellness?
Student Body
Families First
STOP the Violence
12. Which program empowers students with the attitudes, skills, and resources to make their schools safer?
STOP the Violence
Student Body
Family First
13. What is the FCCLA flower?
white rose
red rose
14. What year was the national headquarter building in Reston, Virginia dedicated?
15. What is FCCLA motto?
A Better Future
Toward New Horizons
Striding For Perfection
Life's A Garden, Dig It
16. How often is "Teen Times" published?
Once a month
Once every other month
Once every four months
Once a year
17. What is the deadline for the National Community Service Award?
January 22
March 1
March 5
August 23
18. How many people are shown in the Families First logo?
19. What program did OJJDP sponsor?
Career Connection
Leaders at Work
STOP The Violence
Student Body
20. What is the deadline for Step One?
January 1
March 1
March 5
There is none

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