Family guy Veteran Exam

Through the years Family Guy was always a great way of entertainment for bus now we will find whether you too are a Family Guy Veteran!!!!If you are excited so am I so get ready for five minutes of non stop skill testing questions!

So hold on tight because in a breif moment we will begin this test to see if you are a Family Guy Veteran! So listen I am just trying to fill up character limit so go on ahead. Hi my name is Brandon! Hi my name is Brandon! .

Created by: amazon
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1. In Family guy episode Lethal Weapons what Martial art does Lois Practice?
Kung Fu
Tae Kwon Do
Tae Jitsu
2. Currently how many Road To Episodes are there?
3. In Family guy episode Peter Peter Caviar Eater How much is the bid that Peter gives for the Vase?
4. Acording to Quagmire what movie does he love?
Top Gun
Iron Eagle
Fast and Furious
5. What is the name of the first Family guy Episode ie Season 1 Ep.1
Death Has a Shadow
I Never Met a Dead Man
There's Something About Paulie
Love Thy Trophy
6. Who Does Stewie Kill in the 2 part episode Stewie Kills Lois and Lois Kills Stewie?
Joe, and Evil Monkey
Cleveland, and Joe
Greased up deff guy, and Mr.Weed
Meg, and Cleveland
Mr.Weed, and Cleveland
Mort Goldman, and Lois
7. How many 16 oz Steaks does Peter have at the Steak house
8. What is the name of Peter's black ancestor?
Bobby Griffin
Francis Griffin
Henry Griffin
Nate Griffin
9. What is the name of the perverted old man who stalks Chris?
10. In Blue Harvest name 3 things Peter got as a reward.
Lightsaber Cheeseknife, Netflix Membership, Perfume
Teddy bear, Jelly bean bottle, Netflix Membership
Gold, Perfume,Candy
I don't know

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