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ellie00 said:
Sep 3 '15, 2:38PM

only 50% :/

Ivy_Green said:
Jul 31 '15, 6:08PM

Im like 98% sure the last one is wrong
That isnt from missing is it?

AllyJ said:
Dec 11 '13, 11:58AM

ok, now that i've heard a few more songs, i took this quiz again and i got a 100%! yay. i feel awesome now :D

AllyJ said:
Mar 19 '12, 1:51PM

70%. Much better :)

AllyJ said:
Feb 29 '12, 1:06PM

ONLY 60%!!!!!!!!???????? and i'm a HUGE evanescence fan! of course, i've only heard the songs on "fallen" and "The open door," which are the only two of those cd's i'm allowed to listen to right now :( X1000
Oh, random fact: "Tourniquet" is my favorite song.

madid said:
May 22 '11, 10:38AM

I die again. It's creepy how the person turns into one of THEM for a split second at the end of the Going Under music video.

chey123 said:
Mar 31 '11, 8:32PM

The quiz was alright was it your first Quiz here on GoToQuiz.com?

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