Emo/scene virtual highschool.Will you survive?

This quiz shows what rank will you be in this highschool.Will you be bullied or you`ll be popular? Idk REALLY what to write anymore here.Bumdadabum!!!

x] Umm,READ THE 1ST paragraph :] Btw,this quiz is ONLY for girls. But guys can do it,too if they`re bi/gay :] :]] I hope you get rank 1. NOT REALLY. XD I lied. ;]

Created by: Miley
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. The school is painted half black and half white and it has checkered windows with pokemon`s and stickers on them.What do you think?
It`s totally my style,as i`m emo/scene!
It`s sweet.;] I love it!
Pokemons?What are we?7 years old?
Uhh,yeah.It`s okay,i can live with that.
I like the black school part.
Omg!It`s awesome,i need to tell the principal of how awesome this school is!Omg!
4. You see a hot emo/scene guy[he has snakebites.XD] drawing.Then he walks up to you&says;;"Hey." What do you do?
You say;;"Hey!I`m emo/scene,too!"
You say;;"Hey?"x] You smile at his hotness and wave.
The school`s black part is awesome,don`t you agree?
You say;;"Hey Josh!Where`s your girlfriend?"
You walk up to him and kiss him.Then you twirl your hair and wink at him."Bye,bye Joshie." You smile at his shock and walk away.
"Do you like maths?" you ask him.
5. You`re new in this school and you find out that here we have ranks.What do you think?
Omg!I need to tell the highest rank how prettyful are they`re shoes,so i won`t get beaten up!
I don`t care as long as i can study!
Pssh,i`m emo/scene-of what should i be frightened?
I don`t care as long as we have hot girls/guys here.;]
Oh yeah!I`ll be the bully!:D
Awesome!Which rank am i?
6. You see Josh[the hottie in 4th question].He walks up to you and smiles.You say you want to ask him something and he allows you to.What do you ask?
"You`re hair are awesome.I like them!Where did you style them?"
"Will you go to the dance with me?"
"You`re hot as hell,as we`re both scene/emo.Shall i ask you to the dance?"
You just walk up to him and cuddle him."I wanna see you at the dance.Will you come?" then you wink at him and wait for a response.
"Will you come with me and Amy to the movies?"
"Do you want me to bully someone or not?"
7. You sit down at lunch by yourself,tomorrow you`ll have you`re rank quiz.There are people asking you out to sit at they`re table.With which will you sit?
With original/awesome and hot people.Besides,we all have awesome hair!XD
I think i`ll sit with the ordinary ones,they seem to be a lot like me.
I`ll sit with the ones,who know things about Einstein and books.And with people,who are smart.
I`ll go to the ones,who admire the highest rank as i do!
Umm,i think i`ll sit with the people,that i`ve met and became friends with today.
I`ll sit with those who are emo/scene!
8. While,you`re walking to school,you see Josh.Today he`s hot as hell and he smiles at you walking quickly. "Hey!What`s the rush?"
"Well,today`s my rank quiz." you smile.
"Omg,dude!you look smokin`.And the rank quiz,btw."
"Well,first of all,catching up with you,"you hug Josh and kiss him tightly."And as for the second one...my rank quiz.Idk wtf will be there."
"My rank quiz.I`ve studied so hard on it!"
"Umm,rank quiz."you laugh."I think i`ll faint."
"Hah,i need to bully some people and then to go to the smelly rank quiz"
9. The next day.You have your first ever school party!And your rank will be announced after 2 more boring questions. >:D So,what will you wear?
Loads of makeup,electric pink/yellow tutu,silver crown,lace leggings,pair of awesome converse.
Some random converse,black skinnies,neon colored tee and a cute bracelet.
a normal,kneeleght,pink dress and red heels.
black corsette,cute red&black skirt,black pumps.
a white,cute dress with long sleeves,brown heels.
10. Hah.[: The quiz is almost over. Baha.[: Liked it,bizznitches?
What`s a bizznitch?[btw-it`s a b----,if you REALLY didn`t know]
Weird.Why are those smiley`s there?
Do you always use smiley`s?
Pssh.No.Okay,i lied.:O You got me handcuffed!
11. :] You`ll find out your rank after this question.The quiz,if you`re wondering, was made by Miley&Christina.[: We`re cousins.And i,Miley, am in Stardoll.com :] my username is lauruxiic,Christina,hasn`t created an acc. on SD yet.c[: That bizznitch!
I`ll add you on SD. :]
Hah,i love your eyes/medoll
You`re medoll,Miley,is ugly.
Is Christina/Miley pretty?
x] Just smile.
Oh,okay.:] Can`t wait to see what rank am i!!!
12. Oh.]: We have to have an another question. Okay bizznitches,listen up! I said LISTEN UP! [Btw,never mind the questions;;1.,2.,10.,11.&12.It won`t affect your rank NO matter what are the questions.]
Oh. :]
Pssh,i knew that. -changes answers-
Miley and Christina are bizznitches,lalalalala[:
Oh yeah?Pssh.
Stupid whore/cow/cousins/Miley/Christina.

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