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Early American History Exam. Use this test to quiz your knowledge about what you have learned from the things that we have discussed in class. Hopefully, all of your hard work will pay off! Thanks.

Test your knowledge about historical events in the history of the United States! I hope that you enjoy the quiz and that it aids you in learning more about the United States of America in its earliest years!

Created by: Sean K.
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3. On the eve of European colonization of the Americas, most Western Europeans lived in
small, isolated rural communities
booming cities
the older cathedral cities
castles along the countryside
4. Which was not a component of William Berkeley's Plan for dealing with rebellion.
build a defense permimeter in frontier area
build forts to divide existing land
calling in militia
5. Bacon's personal motives for starting a rebellion included all of the following except
he is willing to attack the indians and get the land himself
Bacon aspires to have the largest plantation in Virginia
he wants to befriend the indians
6. After stoppping in Jamestown to speak with Governor Berkeley, Bacon stops in Middleberg Virginia and pens
Declaration of Independent Landowners
Declaration of the People
Declaration to Promote Indian Land Removal
7. Bacon's followers came down with a case of the "bloody flux" which causes many of them to become weak, and ultimately die. What is the bloody flux?
8. Different slave ship captains chose to pack their slaves ships differently. What is not a packing type?
tight packer
loose packers
medium packeres
9. What kinds of food did slaves aboard slave ships typically eat?
beans, water
milk, potatoes
water, steak
10. What percentage of slaves die on voyages from Africa to the Americas?
11. During the writing of the Declaration of Independence, what man did the Founding Fathers draw theories from?
John Lock
George Washington
Thomas Paine
12. What was the purpose of the Proclamation of 1763?
keep British out of the Americas
Declare that American's should not have to the taxes ordered by the British
maintain peace with the indians
13. The Stamp Act of 1765 imposed taxes on all of the following items EXCEPT:
legal documents
cards and dice
14. What significant event occurred on March 4, 1770?
Bacon's Rebellion
Townshend Duties were enacted
Boston Massacre
15. Prior to the Boston Massacre where did the Sons of Liberty members meet before marching up King Street.
Liberty Tree
Founders Hall
Samuel Adam's House
16. What is an ironic component of the Tea Act of 1773?
Ships have to go back to England with the tea
Actuions were used to sell the tea
the tea act actually reduced the price of tea
17. What battle often referred to as the bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War?
Battle of Fort Sumpter
Battle of Breed's Hill
The battle of Greentown
18. How long does the First Tide Water War last?
seven years
twenty years
ten years
19. Prior to King Phillip's War of 1677, what were the relation's like between the colonists and the indians?
harsh and demanding
20. What was a goal of the Constitutional Congress?
Allow the British to control the American economy
Plan attack on the English
Allow colonies to gather to act like a unit
21. Which post was not a battle ground between the British and Colonists in the American Revolution?
22. Which of the following was an actual component of the Declaration of Independence?
Expression of Love to Families
Theoretical Justification of Actions
Declaration of War
23. What day in history did the colonists declare indpendence from Great Britain?
July 4, 1776
July 6, 1776
July 2, 1776
24. What individual wrote, by hand, the Declaration of Independence
Ben Franklin
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
25. Why did the Pequot War of 1637 originate?
Indians chose to trade with the Dutch instead of the English
Indians are not obeying territorial lines
English are angry at the Indians being untilling to assimilate toward English culture
26. What event ended the 2 and 1/2 year quiet period between the English and the Colonists?
colonists complaints
English attacking the colonists
East India Company experiences financial problems
27. Most people living in Quebec affiliated with what religion?
28. When Sam Adams and his followers dump tea into the Boston Harbor, how do they disguise themselves?
As prisoners
As poor beggars
As indians

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