Dorian Gray Quiz Part II

The Picture of Dorian Gray introduces lots of themes. Dorian Gray is young and naive and had no path to follow. However, when Lord Henry met Dorian, Dorian was steered into a path of corruption.

Hope you use the Dorian Gray book or at least my summaries and analysis' to answer the questions. If you scored low, you will be getting dreadful messages from me. However if you scored high, you will recieve self-esteem booster quotes. You are either be considered "corrupt" or "beautiful" Thanks to this quiz you will find out.

Created by: Sheryl Em. of The Picture of Dorian Gray
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3. What is Basil's reaction to the portrait?
He thought Dorian had ruined it.
He couldn't believe it, but saw his signature so he could not deny it.
He thought it looked better than before.
He saw it and ran away.
4. Why was the portrait bleeding?
It reflected Dorian's murder of Basil.
It is impossible for a portrait to bleed.
It was Basil's blood.
It reflected what Basil went through.
5. Why does Dorian indulge in beautiful things?
He had a bad childhood, so he wants to now live life to the fullest.
He was corrupt.
His life was filled with evil and sins.
Both 2 and 3.
6. Was Dorian ever comfortable looking at the portrait?
Dorian was comfortable as he knew he would never look like that.
He felt really uncomfortable for he knew that was himself.
He was uncomfortable so he didn't look at it often
He was comfortable on some days, but was not on some days so he kept it locked away in the school room.
7. How does Dorian Gray show his willingness for change?
He does community service.
He stops himself from seducing an innkeeper's daughter.
He tell Lord Henry he can't see him anymore.
He apologizes to Sybil Vane's family.
8. What was Dorian Gray?
A man living a double life.
A man falsely living as a young Adonis, while his emotions are shown in a portrait.
A man living as a beautiful and pure person, both soul and body.
Both 1 and 2.
9. Did Dorian feel any remorse after killing Dorian?
Yes, he had lots of remorse. This is why he wanted change.
As a hedonistic, he didn't feel any remorse.
He wanted to dispose the body right away, so he had no remorse.
Both 1 and 2.
10. After Basil's murder, Dorian goes to a social gathering feeling:
Remorse and Sadness.
pleasure, pleasure from his double life.
Estatic that Basil is gone.
like a failure. He could've done the murder better.
11. Duplicity plays a large role in the novel. When do you think is the best example of duplicitiy in the novel?
When Dorian visits the opium. Dorian as an uptight upper class visiting the lower class impoverished streets of London.
Lord Henry's contradictory statements.
When Sybil die and Dorian mourns. But mourns for a short while.
None of the above.
12. In this point of the novel, where is Dorian and Lord Henry's relationship going?
It is going strong. They both support and love each other very much.
Dorian feels that he had enough of Lord Henry's influence.
Lord Henry gets tired of Dorian.
Both 2 and 3.

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