Does your crush like you back (for girls)

Everyone has a crush, even if they won't admit it. Guys normally show they have a crush on a girl by, being best friends, always talking, following her aroung, carrying her books, ect. guys are alot more shy then girls. I have had a crush on the same guy ever since I was little, his name is Daniel. I have never been kissed, and since I am not "Hot" I guess I will never be. I am 13 and a total tomboy. I know Daniel from sports, Tae kwon do and archery. Me and Daniel are best friends. we skatboard together and do almost everything together.I am STILL single. gosh, I swear I am going to turn to the darkside if I don't get a boyfriend soon. (sorry I am a total Star Wars crazy person) The force be with you.

Do you have a crush? Is he into you? Do you always talk? are you friends? are you the same age? do you like the same kind of stuff. do you know each other very well? do you hang out all of the time?where do you know each other from? these are things all girls wonder, do the guy they have a crush on like them back. Well this quiz can help with that thought that always runs thrugh your head. enjoy.

Created by: killer1396
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Does he know your name?
no, he dosn't even know I go to his school
he knows I go to the same school, but dosn't know my name
most definatly
he knows my first name, not my last
he dosn't know my name, but gave me a nickname in return
4. Does he know everything you like; as in: favorite, movies, bands, singers, tv shows, ect.?
he gets to know me more everytime we meat
enough to be friends
he is my best friend, he knows almost everything (except that I have a crush on him
5. Do you talk? if so how?
yes, but not very often
all the time, we email non-stop
he calls me every once in a while
sometimes, whenever we have the chance
no he has never even said hi to me
6. Say you are sick he:
emails you everyday to see how you are doing
he dosn't even know my name, why would he care
the next time he sees you, he asks how you were
the next time he sees you, he says "I missed you, it was as quiet as a grave while you were gone"
he says "hey where on earth have you been, you brother (or sister) has been driving me insane"
he says "oh, hi how have you been"
7. Discribe your relationship:
What relationship
just friends
best friends
I wish we had any type of relationship with him
we just know each other from around
he is always following you, there has got to be something there, right
8. when you enter the room he:
stairs at you, until you are out of sight
looks up, smiles, goes back to what he was doing
runs over and talks to you, you are the only person on his mind right now
dosn't care
glances up, then looks back down, he is to shy
9. does he touch you?
eww, NO
yes, but not on perpose
yes, he grabbed my behind
No, I wish
yes, he touched my hand
yes he touched my shoulder
10. what do you do together?
nothing, just school, and he does not even know me there
sports, we talk all the time afterwords
school, he is paying me to tuter him
activities,like: art, computer class, ect.
our parents are friends, so if they get together, we see each other
church, we used to take a class together
11. compared to each other how tall are you? him, you
tall, short
short, tall
tall, medium
12. when you talk he looks at you, how?
can't take his eyes of me
the only time we look each other in the eyes, is when we are having a staring contest, yeah you won
looks past me, at other girls
looks down as if he is to shy to speak to my face
looks around, and is fidling with something
we don't talk

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