Do you live with social anxiety disorder?

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Lillyhood321 said:
Dec 3 '14, 10:30AM

77% that plus possibly having bipolar some life I have

lilbug077 said:
Mar 6 '13, 10:10PM

Fml . I hate having anxietys . I don't think i'll get anywhere in life because im soo shy . That's why my crush /guy i lovee won't date me .

ammarettu said:
Apr 19 '12, 9:57PM

Acute or severe anxiety.... yeah thats me.:'(

woodley said:
Sep 7 '11, 2:47PM

73%... and they call that moderate.
"You have moderate social anxiety disorder." You think?

machen1991 said:
Jan 3 '10, 10:15AM

81% .. I know,I know,I'm totally mad)))

noroka said:
Jul 21 '09, 12:35AM

0%. Is that good or bad?

SparklingFallenAngel said:
Feb 5 '09, 7:12AM

85%, gah I knew it :c

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