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Many people consider themselves experts on the stars of the nightsky already. They think "Hey, I know the zodiacs, i'm good!" but really, they don't know much about constellations! Taking this test would only prove how you know, or don't know, much about the stars!

Are you an astronomical genius? A person who's memorized their constellations, zodiacs, and the constellations' past histories? Well, hurry up and take this test and you'll find out how much you know about the nightsky!

Created by: SmallvilleLuv
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1. Let's start simple. The Zodiacs are based off of constellations; which of these shows ALL (Or at least the very most of) the correct Zodiacs? (Please ignore incorrect spelling if it looks like you found the correct answer!)
Bear, Wolf, Cancer, Pisces?
WTH, how am I supposed to know?! (Me: Uhm, by lookin' up your birthday's zodiac? idk!)
Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Libra, Leo, Taurus, Gemini, Scropio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Leo, Leo Minor?!
I don't know! I CHOOSE to spend time with my actual LIFE!
2. What is the most popular known constellation?
Cancer - The Crabby Crab!
Gemini - The Twins!
Big Dipper - From the big bear!
3. Out of all the people-based Constellations in the sky, the most famous is. . . ?
4. What is the name of the fishy constellation?
5. This Constellation is related to the feared, or adored, mythical creature of our past. . . The Dragon. What is his constellation named?
6. Dorado is the name of this figure in the night sky.
Dorado is the swordfish
Dorado is the giraffe
Dorado is a sea monster
7. You may get called a chameleon for blending in well with any crowd, but what about this chameleon?! He blends in with all the other stars! In fact, most people know the name of his constellation! Do you?
YES! I did. But I forgot.
Never heard of the lizard. (Me: CHAMELEON not lizard!)
8. Thought Rapunzel had big long hair? Think about this constellation! It's supposed to be someone's hair, who's?
It's Coma Berenices, Berenice's hair.
Rapunzel's daughter's hair in the sky? (Me: Rapunzel had a daughter?)
Who cares about hair in the sky?!
Orion's hair! it's uhm .. . Coma Orion!
9. Oh no! You've lost your compass! Oh, that's ok. There's two compasses on the sky. What are their names?
Compass the first and Compass the second.
Compass and Compass Junior!
10. Cassiopeia, the constellation, is named after a what?
A little girl named Cassandra.
A queen.
A unicorn!
11. Cetus is the name of the constellation representing a whale, but it also represents what else?
A dolphin!
A sea monster!
12. Our bird of paradise is called the Peacock; what's the bird of paradise for the sky?
Bird of Paradise-ah?
I don't know!
13. LAST AND FINAL QUESTION BEFORE RESULTS! If you don't know this one, I'll be sad. What's the official name of the constellation containing the big dipper?
Ursa Minor
Ursa Major
The giant bear, i don't know!

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