Do You Know Real Country

So many people today think Country Music started with Kenny Rogers,Garth Brooks,or Shania Twain and haven't the slightest clue who the real honest to goodness artists are. If radio would play more of these artists on a daily basis we would have more knowlegable listeners,and less of a generation who has such a high disregard for it's past.

I have ran into people over and over again who think they know real country music. Most say it's a matter of taste. Not really. You either know how it's supposed to sound,or you don't. Nashville has watered down the the sound of Country Music over the years to the point you can't tell Country from Pop music all because of the allmighty dollar. Listen to the song "Murder On Music Row" by George Strait that will put things in perspective in a hurry.

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1. Who was the first superstar in Country Music?
Kenny Rogers
Shania Twain
Garth Brooks
Hank Williams
Porter Wagoner
2. What instrument is known as the voice of Country Music?
Steel Guitar
3. What artist had these hit songs: A Full Time Job, Cuddle Buggin' Baby,and Tennessee Stud
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Hank Williams
Kitty Wells
Jim Reeves
Eddy Arnold
Hank Snow
4. Who is known as "The King Of Country Music"
George Strait
Garth Brooks
Hank Williams
Roy Acuff
Willie Nelson
5. You're listening to a Country Gold Show and you hear a song start playing that has heavy drum beat and distorted guitars whayling. Do you..
say man,this guy know real good Country music
Isn't it great the way they can play those instruments
turn the volume up and jam out
turn off the radio and say that guy wouldn't know Country if it slapped him in the face
6. This artist had 21 #1 records in his carreer. He was also known as a very shud business man owning radio stations and a state of the art recording studio.
Mel Tillis
George Strait
Mickey Gilley
Buck Owens
Garth Brooks
7. Who Am I: I joined the Grand Ole Opry and Columbia Records in 1950,started my own publishing company,and married twice both to female entertainers in Country Music. I retired from the music business in the late 1970's. My biggest hits were "Hey Joe" "Let Old Mothr Nature Have Her Way"
Faron Young
Marty Robbins
Webb Pierce
Hawshaw Hawkins
Sonny James
Carl Smith
8. Who is known as "The King Of Western Swing"?
Ray Price
Hank Thompson
Gene Autry
Bob Wills
Spade Cooley
9. Who is known as "The Queen Of Country Music"?
Kitty Wells
Reba McEntire
Loretta Lynn
Tammy Wynette
Patsy Cline
10. what artist is known as "The Father Of The Bakersfield Sound"?
Merle Haggard
Wynn Stewart
Tommy Collins
Jean Shepard
Ferlin Husky
Buck Owens
11. In 1963 what 3 Country artists parished in a plane crash?
Patsy Cline,Jim Reeves,Johnny Horton
Jim Reeves,Hank Williams,Lefty Frizzell
Johnny Horton,Cowboy Copas,Jim Reeves
Cowboy Copas,Patsy Cline,Jim Reeves
Patsy Cline,Cowboy Copas,Hawshaw Hawkins

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