Much Harder Country Quiz

There have been quite a few of these created with some cakewalk questions, this one should be a little more difficult and separate the casual fan from a more hardcore country music fan.

Check out this higher difficulty country music quiz. It is a higher difficulty than most and will truly test your knowledge of country music and its' performers.

Created by: Derrick
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1. Before Going Solo, This Artist Was Part Of The Ranch.
Brad Paisley
Garth Brooks
Jason Aldean
Keith Urban
Tim McGraw
George Jones
2. Which Of The Following Rascal Flatts Songs Was Not Previously Recorded By Another Country Artist?
Bless The Broken Road
Life Is A Highway
What Hurts The Most
Praying For Daylight
3. What is Kix Brooks given first name?
4. Waylon Albright Jennings gained his nickname "Shooter" for what reason?
He was a fine marksman with a pistol at a young age
He was a shooting guard on a basketball team
Named after the character in the movie Hoosiers
He drank a lot of shots of liquor one night
He urinated on a doctor shortly after his birth
5. Sawyer Brown came to prominence after a winning effort on this show.
Putting On The Hits
American Idol
Star Search
America's Got Talent
American Bandstand
6. She's Audrey Perry, but you probably know her as.
Kellie Pickler
Martina McBride
Loretta Lynn
Carrie Underwood
Reba McEntire
Faith Hill
7. Before gaining fame as a country singer, what was Joe Diffie's occupation?
Foundry Worker
Postal Carrier
8. Which of the male artists has not appeared in Playgirl magazine
David Kersh
Aaron Tippin
Billy Currington
Darryl Worly
Keith Urban
9. Troy Gentry gained notoriety for winning a singing contest sponsored by
Southern Comfort
Jack Daniels
Jim Beam
10. Which Of The Following Is An Actual Sugarland Song
Honky Tonk Heaven
My Heart's Broken Too
Baby Girl
The Ride
Fifty Cent Lovin'
All Of The Above
11. Cletus T Judd married and divorced which female artist?
Lee Ann Womack
Chalee Tennison
Julie Roberts
Julie Reeves
Ronna Reeves
Jo Dee Messina
12. Which of the following songs was Jerry Lee Lewis's biggest country hit?
What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)
Crazy Arms
High School Confidential
Another Place, Another Time
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
13. Steve Sanders filled the open spot in what country group in the 80's
The Gatlins
The Statlers
Oak Ridge Boys
Sawyer Brown
None Of The Above
14. Kenny Chesney recorded Whatever It Takes with this friend
Uncle Kracker
Peyton Manning
John Mellencamp
Tim McGraw
Tracy Lawrence
George Strait
15. Trisha Yearwood's version of How Do I Live was featured in which motion picture?
Sleepless In Seattle
Ever After
Up Close And Personal
Finding Neverland
Con Air
None Of The Above

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