Do You Know Degrassi?

There are many Degrassi fans, but few Degrassi freaks. Knowing Degrassi is quite exceptional. What is Degrassi? Degrassi is a show about high school dramas like school shootings, pregnancies, and many more.

Are YOU a true Degrassi fan? Do you have what it takes to beat my quiz. In a few minutes you will find out if you are a Degrassi fan to a Degrassi hater.

Created by: Casey
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1. What episode did JT die in?
I Want Candy
Rock This Town
Jessie's Girl
2. What does Paige call Spinner alot?
My First
3. What kind of cancer does Spinner have?
Lung Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
4. Whch character left to England?
Manny Santos
JT Yorke
Ashley Kerwin
Archie Simpson
5. Where is Degrassi at?
Toronto, Canada
Los Angelas, California
London, England
Beijing, China
6. Why did Darcy post those sexy photos?
To feel hot.
To be better than Manny.
To be a whore.
To earn money for cheerleading equipment.
7. Who was JT's last girlfriend before he died?
8. Which artery was damaged when JT was stabbed?
Small Intestine
9. Who shot Jimmy?
10. What episode shows Jimmy and Spinner doing a t-shirt business?
Hungrey Eyes
Here Comes Your Man
Working for the Weekend
Mother and Child Reunion

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