How Much Do You Know Degrassi?

There are tons of fans of Degrassi, but are you a true fan? Do you know enough about Degrassi to blow people away? If you really love Degrassi, you could prove it.

It takes a true fan to know as much about it as I do. Especially when the show has been going on for about seven years. Take your knowledge to the test as I will see how true of a Degrassi fan you are.

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1. True or False: Ellie was the first one to find out that Marco is gay.
Why is Marco gay? He is so cute!!!
2. How many times did Mr Simpson/Snake cheat on Spike(emma's mom)
2 times! That little jerk...
I think like once....
never! He would never dare
3. What was Jimmy's jersey number before he got kicked off the team for pushing Sean.
22! I can't believe I remember!
I'm feeling pretty lucky about 13
9..I think
4. Who else had an eating disorder other then Emma?
Heather Sinclare
5. Who is Heather Sinclare?
That new girl from Lakehurst
Heather Sinclare was never on the show
That girl that you never see on camera
A teacher that got fired for having an affair with one of the guys
6. Which characters have/had cancer on the show?
Mr Simpson and Jay
Dylen and Mr Simpson
Joey and Mr Simpson
Rick and Jimmy
Mr Simpson and Spinner
Jimmy and Mr Simpson
7. Who was Liberty's first boyfriend?
8. In their interpret dance for the talent show, what did Toby and Emma dress up as in season 1?
endangered polar bears
endangered whales
endangered panthers
some sort of frogs
9. Whats the name of Alex's moms' boyfriend?
Her mom doesn't have a boyfriend
10. What is the name of the episode where Hazel, Toby, Jimmy, Sean, and Ellie are in detention?
"The Breakfest Club"
"Take On Me"
"Torture Me"

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