do you hate justin bieber?

justin bieber was never one of those people that everyone was mad about. in fact, many people hate justin bieber for many reasons. some hate h:s music, his looks and much more.

so do you love him or hate him? the only way to find out is to take this quiz. that will be the true answer so don't hesitate and go ahead and take the quiz! do you hate him as much as you think? or maybe your a massicve fan! good luck!

Created by: sophie
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1. do you truly think that you hate justin bieber?
no course not i love him
yes i hate him and i always will
2. how would you describe justin bieber?
he's so gorgious and his music is amazing!
he's ugly and his music makes me wanna throw up
3. what is your favourite justin bieber song?
any of them they're all great
the ones that aren't justin bieber songs at all
4. if you could say something to justin bieber, what would it be?
i love you your so amazing
go away i cant bear your big fat ugly face any more!
5. your favourite movie is?
justin bieber never say never of course!
anything with out justin bieber or anything to do with him in it
6. your ideal day would be?
listening to justin bieber all day
finding out how you can get everyone to hate justin bieber just like you hate him
7. why do you hate justin bieber?
i hate everything about him coz there's nothing to like about him
nothing who would find any faults with him
8. justin bieber is?
amazing and talented
ugly and fat
9. if justin bieber was injured you would?
help him of course
leave him to suffer
10. ok so this is the last question. do you hate justin bieber with all your heart and soul?
yes course i do who wouldn't
no! i never will i'm going to be a fan for all my life

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