Do you hate High School Musical?

Hi world ha ha i start every quiz like this isn't it funny! I did this quiz because i absolutely hate high school musical and wanted to find out if anybody else did too! I hope you get the result you want because some people might become haters when actually HSM rules their life!

No only joking, that won't happen, or will it? No it won't. If you like high school musical then i am sorry ifany of the content of this quiz offends you but could you still take it and comment anyway because if it's bad then I'd like to know so I can actually do something about it.

Created by: Hannah
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What would you do if someone gave you a high school musical DVD?
Watch it
Keep it - already got like 10 copies but, oh well!
Keep it but never watch it
Burn it, shred it, shoot it
4. Do you think Zak Effron is hot?
OMG yes he is so fit!!
Yeah I suppose so
No he's disgusting
Have him tortured and killed
5. Do you think Vanessa Hutchens is pretty?
No she's a mong
Yeah I wish I was her
Suppose so
A bit
Kill her
6. How many High School Musical items do you own?
Lost Count
It clutters up my house
I found a HSM doll once...I shot it
7. Have you ever seen the films?
Yeah I've seen them both
I never stop watching them - they are so great!!
The 1st one
The 2nd one
No and I spit on anyone who does
8. Do you like Ashley Tisdale?
No, she is gay
Yes I love her she is so pretty!!!
Take her away and have her killed
I've heard the name...
9. If you weere asked to join the cast of HSM, would you?
I wouldn't know what to do
Yeah why not I'd be famous
YES I would be able to meet all my heroes!!
I'd go and kill everyone
No I'd ignore the letter
10. Have you got anyone from HSM's autograph?
No, they are all gay
Yes, all of them!
Yeah, they're GOLD!
Why would I want their autographs, isn't it bad enough having to see their ugly faces on the tele 24/7
One or two
11. Do you have Disney Channel on your TV?
Yes but I don't watch it
Don't know
No it's a load of bull
Yes and I watch it all the time!
12. Do you think High School Musical is lame?
YES I'm glad someone else thinks so!
NOOOOOOOOO I would never think that!
I don't know I've never seen it
Kind of
The songs are very lame
13. What is High School Musical?
A film
A stupid, lame piece of rubbish that has ruined our lives
My world!!
14. Do you like the songs from HSM?
Haven't heard any
They are lame
Yes I have all of them on CD!
They should never have been released into the real world
Some of them are OK
15. Do you like High School Musical?
OMG love it!
It's my life
No it's rubbish and LAME
Kill it and all those who like it
It's OK
What's High School Muscial?
16. Did you like this quiz?
I've never heard of anybody you mentioned
No, It's insulting to my heroes
It was OK
Yeah I hate HSM!
Yes I like to air my thoughts about HSM

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