What do you know about high school musical 2?

Have you seen the movie high school musical2? Well today is your lucky day! This quiz is all about the movie so take the quiz and find out how much you know about high school musical2!

Are YOU a high school musical fan? Do you think you can pass this quiz? Well if you think you can take this quiz right now! Its the only way to find out how much you know about high school musical2!

Created by: Timaj
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1. Who said: its summer everthing changes.
2. Why did Troy and Gabriella break up?
Troy has been spending more time with Sharpay
Troy lied to Gabriella
Troy cheated on Gabriella
3. What was the song called about Gabriella leaving?
What time is it
Gotta go my own way
4. Who said this: Whats the prize? Troy?
5. Why was Chad mad at Troy?
He doesnt like Gabriella
He turned different
he has been ignoring him
6. Who said this: Your playing a game I dont want to play.
7. Why was Troy jelous of Gabriella?
She was spending time with Ryan
She likes Chad more then him
8. Who sang the song Fabulous?
Troy and Gabriella
9. What was the first song in the movie?
What time is it
You are the music in me
Gotta go my own way
10. What did Troy promise to Sharpay?
He would sing with her
He will spend more time with her
He will dance with her

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