Do U LOVE Justin Bieber???

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Demesha blair said:
Oct 15 '15, 4:14PM

Justin i use to wish i was your girl but now i can't believe what you turn out to be i wish you would change back to real justin just take a look back at you self i love you are the best

jhhehhasahlfk said:
Sep 13 '15, 8:09PM

Justin Bieber needs to grow up. Honestly he is so immature and never admits when he is wrong. I have 2 examples for this. 1) when he texted selena gomez those nasty messages he said his phone was hacked, that doesn't even make sense. 2) When his bodyguards pushed that papparazzi person and justin was on trial on that video he tried avoiding all the questions and even started being a jerk to the judge.

coolgirl01 said:
Jul 21 '15, 2:44PM


emily666 said:
Jul 16 '15, 10:39AM

I love him and to see him

Kite Kurta said:
May 19 '15, 6:14PM


destiny_leon2001 said:
Apr 23 '15, 10:56AM

i love justin bieber so much he has done so much for me and he made me relize so many things in life and i just wanna meet him so bad and ughh !!!!!! i love you justin drew bieber forever and always . thank you for all that you done for me and i just wanna say your perfect in everyway possible dont ever let anyone tell you diffrent there just hating . but thank you again i love you !

Lillith_Rose said:
Apr 15 '15, 6:39PM

Do U LOVE Justin Bieber???
Your Result: You aren't right for him at all!

you don't have anything 2 do with Justin Bieber! You are into another guy, and that guy is right for you! NOT JUSTIN You have a bold, but tense heart!

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