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amazingness said:
Jun 20 '11, 1:31PM

i got new york and im from new jersey, pretty accurate 8 stars :)

Zizi said:
Jun 11 '11, 10:58AM

Basically mine is oh you have a northern accent but southerners don't.

Oh please. Only conceited people act like they don't have an accent. Everyone does and it's time we all accept that. You may not recognize that you have an accent but everyone else notices. So just grow up.

silver123 said:
Feb 24 '11, 10:29PM

Southerners are the one's with accents...have you ever heard of "non regional diction"?!?!? lol

VampireKitty said:
Feb 19 '11, 3:58PM

I got Southern and I'm English xD

RainbowBrains said:
Feb 3 '11, 6:37PM

I got northern and I'm English wtf lol

insanegurl53 said:
Oct 28 '10, 2:42PM

OUCH! you talk funny, I bet u get made fun of because how you talk, i kinda feel sorry for you maybe u should move to the south we were don't have accents.

Funny because I'm from the North and I think people from the South DO have accents. Hmm... I guess it's really were you are from. If you want to make quizzes like this, make sure you don't offend the people taking the quiz. Thanks.

Grrrman said:
Sep 16 '10, 1:15AM

I'm German, so I have a German accent. I just took this for fun. The results were a NYC accent.

anubis said:
Sep 14 '10, 6:23PM

I got northern, and funny enough I'm a linguistic's minor. This is actually pretty fun if you know how to do this s--- pretty accurately, cuz I'm from Chicago, and its pretty close to how we talk

fancy jane said:
Jun 5 '10, 2:37AM

Northern? what?
I'm from Australia, isn't that southern?

vleroy728 said:
Feb 3 '10, 4:09PM

I agree with the other person who got northern..cuz I did,and that's just plain racist,gosh!!!

MindyKins said:
Feb 3 '10, 11:06AM

I do have a southern accent...but really only when i'm mad or goin on bout somethin. i dont really know...i aint sweatin it..i dont think i am southern...but oh well

wolfgurl94 said:
Dec 30 '09, 2:11PM

i got southern accent and im dang proud of it

allisonmary said:
Oct 31 '09, 3:56PM

i got NYC but im from ballmore lol

Kirraa said:
Aug 1 '09, 3:17AM

Ha ha ha ...I live in TX, I'm from MX, I marry a Irish, and u say I have a northen accent ...don't think so!

Cali100 said:
Jul 25 '09, 3:41PM

your quiz from california and your lame quiz said that i was from the south! that was sooo not right!when im talking to a dude, i say dhuude not dood.people think that cali accents are stupid. so dude,u also suck ps. southern people do have accents

yurmom said:
Feb 27 '09, 6:11PM

OUCH! you talk funny, I bet u get made fun of because how you talk, i kinda feel sorry for you maybe u should move to the south we were don't have accents.


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