Do u have an accent

OK this quiz is to see how you speak. Yes people all over the states have accents. I live in Arkansas and most people say i talk "country" when i don't think i talk any differnt at all. I guess when u live somewhere for a long time you don't realize how u talk. But I lived in New York for a little while. and i noticed that they have an accent. They say the letter I like EYE. well that about it take the quiz and see what u get.

DO you really think you have an accent? then step up to the plate and find out for your slef. Are u beeing made fun of at your new school in a differnt state because they say u talk funny? well it happens. I can not qaruante that taking the quiz will help you with that but it will defenatly help you figure out if you talk with an accent or not.

Created by: Joe Hicks
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3. When u say "Something Like That" Do u say "sumem like at" Or Something Like that
sumen like at
something like that
4. When u say 5 does the i sound more like eye
5. IS it "thang" or "thing"
6. Do the words Sale and sail sound the same
somewhat but not really
7. do u drop the r on most words and make the really short.
8. do the words "whore" and "war" sound the same
9. Do u hardly open your mouth when u talk and make words long
not that i notice
no i speak very good english
10. when u say the word "dude" do u say it like dood.
yeah aint that how your suposed to
11. do u say "orange" or do u say the o like an a
no i don't say the o like an a
idk i don't think i talk funny anyways
12. is there any differance between "pen" "Pin"
no they sound the same
yes they sound differant

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