Do Guys Think You're Difficult to Date

Do guys think you're difficult to date? You see couples every where, find out if you're that annoying girlfriend nagging at her boy or if you're the one who is being dragged behind her boyfriend everywhere he goes.

Maybe you'll realize just why you can't keep them around long enough to meet their mother. Or maybe you'll see just why all those guys cling to you and won't let you go.

Created by: amazon
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3. Your man shows up late for the third time in a row and explains that he was stuck in traffic. You say:
"This is starting to become a habit, and I really don't like it. Next time, would you please leave earlier?"
"No biggie."
"Sorry doesn't cut it, and if you ever make me wait again its OVER!"
4. You're meeting up with your man at a friend's party, when you arrive, you see him chatting with a hot girl. How do you handle the situation?
Hang out on the other side of the room until he notices you.
Wrap your arms around him and introduce yourself.
Stomp over and demand, "What do you think you're doing?"
5. "For my birthday, I'm expecting my guy to______."
Organize a huge surprise party and give me diamond earrings.
Take me out to dinner and get me a thoughtful present.
Bring me some flowers.
6. Your boyfriend mentions he loved the Mexican restaurant you recently went to, but you thought the food and decor were sub par. How do you respond?
"Oh my God, I know it was so good!"
"Ugh, that place was horrible!"
"Really? I didn't like it, but maybe I ordered the wrong dish."
7. You're totally into your new guy, except that when making out, he devours your tongue likes he's in a pie eating contest. Next time he tries to kiss, you:
Whisper, "Go a little softer and slower. That really turns me on."
Pretend you love it.
Say, "Stop. Do it like this," then demonstrate on the back of your hand.
8. You and your guy can't decide on your Saturday night plans. What do you end up doing?
You bag your plans to be his arm candy for the night.
He won't ditch his pals so you don't go with him and instead go out with the girls and end up making out with some hottie by the end of the night.
Compromise. Go to his friends party, and then you bring him out to the bar with your friends.
9. You totally agree with the tradtional Male and Female gender roles.
Some what agree and disagree
10. Your new man doesn't like how close you are with your guy friends, maybe he's got a little jealousy problem. He wants you to stop hanging out wiht them as much. What do you do?
Bag your friends, they'll understand.
Have the guys invite him over for Monday Night Football, he'll see why you love them so much and why he's your man and not any of them.
Give him the boot, no man will ever replace your macho pals. Besides, he wasn't that cute anyways.
11. You and a sexy man are on your first date. The dinner bill comes when he realizes he's forgot his wallet in his car. What's your reaction.
"Oh, I'll get the check."
"I'll get dinner, you get dessert... and the movie."
Cross your arms and say,"I'll wait, but hurry I was ready to go five minutes ago."
12. You guys are home for a nice relaxing night in what do you watch on TV?
ESPN, you actually like watching sports.
Some sporting event while you read Cosmo, you'll pretend your interested.
The lastest rerun of your favorite Lifetime drama.

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