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Before launching a social media campaign, you have to know what kind of online activities your target audience participates in. But if you don't know yourself, how can you get to know anyone else. Based on the Social Technographic profiles in "Groundswell" by Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li, this fun quiz will help you learn about yourself, while also learning about these key internet behavior profiles.

How involved are you in the groundswell? Are you at the top of the social technographics food chain? Discover your social media savvy and find out whether you are a key influencer in just a few minutes with this fun quiz!

Created by: Christopher Lynn of socialTNT
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2. What is your gender?
3. You just read a great post on your favorite blog. What is your first impulse?
Digg or Stumble it!
I write a comment telling the blogger my 2 cents.
I write my own blog post talking about the same topic.
WTF?! What is a blog?
Move on to the next favorite blog.
Look for a badge for my MySpace profile.
4. You just got a brand new Canon XYZ8000 digital video camera. The very first thing you do when you get home is...
Take pictures and post them on flickr.
Join a photo enthusiast forum.
Get on Amazon and review the camera.
Tag all the cool articles about your camera on
Read what others have written about your camera.
What's flickr?
5. If you are near a computer during your free time, what do you like to do most?
I like finding and digging cool posts.
I love to review restaurants, movies or products.
I like to see what my Facebook friends are up to.
I blog, vlog, tweet or utter it all.
I just surf the Web.
I use Word, or sometimes Photoshop.
6. Let's say you're planning a wedding. As a blushing bride...
I maintain a profile on a prominent social network for brides-to-be.
I read a ton of blog posts each week.
I comment on my favorite Bridezilla blog site.
I keep a blog where I tell the world about what my fiance and I are doing as we do it.
I hire a planner.
I meticulously bookmark and tag posts to ensure I know exactly what I read and where.
7. A new movie, "Sharks on a Submarine," is coming out. You're so excited that you...
Add a special widget to my Facebook profile.
Digg any article that has something good to say about the movie.
Blog about every single development with the movie, its director or actors.
Comment in fan forums.
Go to my favorite movie gossip blog and catch up on the news there.
The Internets are lame. I watch Access Hollywood on the TV.
8. Lincoln Logs, a relic to some, but not you. You love the classic wooden building log. When not building cabins, you are...
uploading photos of your most recent kitsch creations or maintaining your Lincoln Log fansite.
nowhere near a computer.
debating the hottest log cabin style on a Lincoln Log fan forum.
constantly looking at pictures of others' Log Cabin creations.
mainting your profile on AbeSpace, the Lincoln Log Social Network.
bookmarking and tagging all the Lincoln Log sites on the Web.
9. Being a parent is a beautiful thing. Raising a child has its ups and downs. As your child grows, you...
connect with other parents on a network like BabyCenter.
read all the post and articles you can.
share your experiences on your blog.
comment on other parents' blogs or review your fave baby items.
send all the best baby articles to your friends.
pick up a copy of Dr Spock.
10. Your favorite band's newest album is the best thing since Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth." You show your devotion by...
adding their widget to your MySpace.
reviewing the album on iTunes.
making a series of music videos and upload them to YouTube.
creating a page about the band.
wearing a t-shirt from the band's last concert and walking around the mall.
visiting music sites that review the band.
11. When not at your computer, you often find yourself thinking...
"Gosh, I wish I could tag people at this party so I could better orgainze them."
"I wonder what's on TV tonight."
"I'm totally Yelping the poor quality service at this restaurant."
"I can't wait to get home and blog about my glorious day!"
"It's Jada's birthday today. I need to remember to put a glittery comment on her MySpace page."
"I wonder what Perez has written since I left work."
12. Which of the following would your friends mostly likely say about you:
"S/he has no clue what Google is."
"We're Facebook friends!"
"S/he never leaves the house because s/he is always podcasting or blogging or whatever."
"I love when s/he sends me the must-see blog posts."
"I always read his/her reviews on Amazon before I buy anything."
"S/he's up to date on all the blogosphere news, but I don't think s/he ever blogs."

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