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Sphinx said:
Oct 8 '15, 3:51PM

Not true. 50 years. I will live more than that. Inaccurate. Spelling was bad. 1 star.

gayu15 said:
Mar 21 '15, 5:36AM

88......very long indeed

rakeshbose said:
Jan 5 '15, 5:20PM

its not true.

DemonBlood101 said:
Nov 2 '14, 1:01PM

I'm 10 turning 11 and have 88 years to live should i take that as a threat???

Min Jee said:
Aug 4 '14, 9:06AM

This Is Not True, Only God Will Know :)

AngelWings32 said:
Aug 1 '14, 3:25AM

WTF?! I'm too young to die early! And you'll be waiting for me? What does that even mean? D:

shorthairgirl said:
Jun 3 '14, 2:12AM

die at 80? that's not bad.

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