Dear Crash…part 2

Yepperz don't really know what to right. So how is your day going? Harley has snakebites and black hair and Big chocolate puppy eyes. I had a dream one direction came to my house.

Crash has black/red hair and a labret. Whats up? I want some Reese puffs and GUMMY BEARS:). Random. 😍😍😍💜❤💓💗💘💘 okay I'm bored🐵🐧🐬🐳🌷🌹😜😝😄 bye

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. Before I start this is how I'm gonna start off these. By asking a question. What would you wanna name your kids?
Ehh I don't want kids
I do! I'll comment.
4. 3 months later.  We reached our regular hangout the park. "Hey there Harley." Bubbles said. "Hey there shmexies." she replied. We smiled. "You sure you don't wanna joint?" Bubba our new addition said. "No I told you guys I wanna die a straightedge virgin." she said. "Suit yourself." he said. I swear he is so obnoxious. He wouldn't  be here if it werent for Bubbles. I rolled my eyes mentally. "You coming?" Spanky asked me. "Where?"  "To Tiffany's party, ya know the Barbie."  I nodded. That's my life. Party smoke and drink. Oh and school. 
His life is freakin awesome.
How old are they??(Me: Harley,Crash and the twins are 15 and Bubba/bubbles are 17)
5. ~at party~  "Hi Crash!" Harley giggled. "Hey Harley babe." I said she pushed me slightly. "Do you wanna drink?"She asked. "Yeah I'll get-." "No! Let me you guys always do stuff for me, just this once." she said pleadingly. I Nodded. She came back with punch. She gulped the down the whole cup. I gave her a weird look. I tried it. It's spiked I could already feel it, or sense it. I don't know I'm dumb
Dun dun dun
Hehe he could feeel it
I saw the weirdest movie the other day 'Dark Shadows'q
6. "Harley yo-" I looked around."Harley?" I saw her flirting with this guy. "Harley!" I said pulling her away. "Hey baby." I rolled my eyes. "How many cups have you had?".  "6!" she smiled. I pulled her upstairs. "Harley yo-" she cut me off by kissing. She started tugging at my shirt. I pulled away. "Harley!" I screamed. I looked at her. She was crying. I engulfed her in a hug. "I'm sorry." I said softly.
That dirty dirty slut (I just wanted to say that but she's not really)
Scream shout Scream shout we Are the fallen angels!
That was really nice 😍
7. She started drifting off to sleep. I stared at her and kissed her forehead. I picked her up and walked down stairs. She clung to me. I drove home. I sighed as I pulled in.I laid her down on my bed. I sat down and watched her sleep. She looked cute. I smiled to myself as I to lay down to sleep.
And then things got dirty…(Me: you dirty dirty little slut jk)
I absolutely hate Crash!!!!
8. "Where the hell am I! Ouch my head." Harley obviously screamed. I shot up. She stared at me. I look down I didn't have a shirt. She screamed again. "Harley! f---! Stop!" I screamed. She quieted down. "What happened?" she said scared. "1 you have a hangover 2 you almost got laid by Jett and 3 I took you to my place." she was on the verge of crying.
Who's Jett?(me:the guy she flirted with)
I wouldve slapped her…jk or not
No they didn't do 'it'
Crash 💜💜❤
9. "I-I'm sorry…" she whispered. "Its okay." I said. I grabbed her hand and walked downs stairs. "Why did you wanna be a straightedge virgin anyways?"I asked out of curiosity. She stayed quiet. "Never mind."  "My mom is a prostitute and my dad is a… a drunk and my sister and brother are following into their footsteps.." she cried. I grabbed her the Tylenol and a bottle of water. She chugged it down. "Thanks."  "No problemo."   "So where's your umm family?" she said.  I laughed. She gave me a look that said 'WTF'. 
Story time…
Tsk Tsk Tsk prostitute And drunk
^ it's their life let 'em live it they want to
10. ~Flashback~ "Hi Ashton!" Brandi chirped. "Hey babe." I smiled. "let's go have fun!" she screamed. "Yeah, lets go paarrttaay!" I mimicked. She giggled. When we reached the part there was drunks everywhere. Hmm drunks are crazy. "Hey baby gots you a drink." Brandi said. "Thanks." I said as I chugged it down. "Hey you blondie!" somebody called. I turned around and pointed at me. They nodded "Try this." he said giving me a smoke. I hesitantly got it and mimicked. I started coughing. They all laughed. I passed out a little while after. "Well well well." Cassidy sneered. "What are you doing." I whimpered. "Remeber that time i did something really naughty and you told aunt Rae?" she said. I nodded she was my mom. "Well consider this revenge."    ~Flashback over~
Cassidy ehh(me: sorry of that's your name an Brandi)
Hehe first time smokers are funny I Remeber just like it was yesterday
Im hungry
11. "And my parents shipped me here and I dyed my hair black with red streaks and changed my name." I said proudly."Yeah…wow amazing." she said. I smiled. I stared into her big brown eyes and started leaning in. I felt something. I have never felt with anyone."I love you Harley…" I said softly. "And I love you Crash." the day was filled with some kisses and cuddling. 
I love you too Crash
YummmMmmmy Gummy Bears nd Reese
You mess with the cow you get the utters
12. I say that chapter was a really long one hmmm? Well thanks comment rate please
Coment nd rate
Neither mwahahahaha

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