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Please be nice, as this is my first quiz ever! Ok, so this is a love story quiz about three guys who have major, and I mean MAJOR crushes on you! I described them in the next paragraph. Please take part 2!

Matt: Curly, light brown hair, glasses that aren't feaky/nerdy,`brown eyes Brandon: Shaggy dirty blonde hair, blue eyes Joey: Buzzcut black hair, dark brown (nearly black) eyes

Created by: Ann Onymous
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ok, so as this is my first quiz EVER, please be nice! Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave comments, you know, to see what I can elaborate on in the next part of the series! Thanks!
Ok! (Me: THANK YOU!!!)
No. (Me: Meanie head. :P)
Maybe... (Me: Think about it, ok?)
I can't. (Me: Then get outta my quiz! Kidding! :)
4. You wake up and fling your beeping alarm clock across your bedroom. What do you put on? (Please don't pick #4!)
Aeropostale shirt (any color), skinny jeans
Polo shirt (any color), skirt (any color)
A dress (any style/color)
A TURKEY SUIT!!! (Me: Are you INSANE?!)
5. You throw on whatever you pick and go meet your best friends. Jennifer is the shortest girl in the group. She has dirty blonde hair and is kinda pale. She has a boyfriend and a violent temper. What do you think of her?
YAAY she sounds awesome! (Me: Ok, I will tell her that!)
Jennifer sounds horrible! (Me: Meanie, I will tell her and her boyfriend that and they will go and stab you in your sleep!)
^ O.O Really? (Me: Yeah, she actually would!)
6. You and Jennifer find Lily. She is the second shortest girl (shorter than you and the other two girls in your group). Lily is African-American and has curly black hair. She gets mad easily. What do you think of her?
AWESOME! (Me: O.O ...Wow.)
BLAAAH! (Me: Geez, racist much?!)
7. You, Jennifer, and Lily keep walking and find Marissa. She is the tallest girl. She has curly blonde hair, and is pale like Jennifer. What do you think?
AWESOME! (Me: Gosh darn it, QuizTaker, is that all you can say? You: AWESOME---I mean, no! Me: I'll take your word for it... You: AWESOME! Me: Shut up already!
STOP GIVING ME FRIENDS! (Me: So, are you antisocial, a loner, or both?
... (Me: SAY SOMETHING! You: NO! Me: Ha! I made you say "NO!")
8. You guys meet the last girl in your group at the front door. Her name is Jillian. She has dark brown hair and a tan. She also is short on patience, hot-tempered, and has a boyfriend. What do you think of her?
... (Me: Can't you say something?)
9. You five go your seperate ways. At lunch, you meet up and sit at your regular table, with you five girls, Jennifer's boyfriend Christian, Jillian's boyfriend Raymond, and one of your closest friends, Matt. He has curly brown hair and glasses (not freaky/nerdy ones).
Matt is HAWT!
*wants a different guy*
10. Across the room are two boys. You've never seen them before, but Jennifer and Lily, two social butterflies, have. Lily yells, "Brandon! Joey! Over here!" They look over and see her. Then they wave and bring over their lunch trays to sit with you guys. Matt looks mad.
Ooh! Does Matt like me?
^ I bet Brandon does! (Me: You don't know him!)
^^ I bet Joey does! (Me: GRR! YOU DON"T KNOW HIM!)
*munches on a chocolate bar*
This is getting good! *keeps reading*
11. Brandon has shaggy dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Joey has short black hair and brown eyes. Joey says, "Hey, who's got eggs and a frying pan?" Everyone asks him why he wants them. "Because I see a girl who's so hot you could cook on her!" You blush, realizing he means you! Everyone cracks up laughing. Matt and Brandon look jealous, and Joey looks smug.
*sighs dreamily* Joey...
^ It should've been Brandon!
^^ It should've been Matt!
^^^ Can't we all just agree on this?
*quietly munches on popcorn and keeps reading, careful to keep out of the arguing psychos' way* (Me: Smart choice, QuizTaker!)
12. Joey smirks at Matt and Brandon, then looks over at you. He says, "So, ________, wanna go on a date with me?" Matt and Brandon almost charge at him, and everyone but you and Joey have to hold them back. You say...
Ewww, no!
I'll think about it.
I LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Me: Weirdo but who doesn't?)
^ I don't! (Me: *gasp* Get outta my quiz, then! Kidding!)
^ *gasps, then throws chocolate bar wrapper at above answer*
13. You say yes. (Sorry if you didn't.) Joey looks happy, Brandon and Matt calm down, and everyone else looks relieved. *Fast Forward To Date* You and Joey are in the local park on a moonlight picnic. Suddenly, Joey looks petrified with fear. You feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and see...
Oh no... (Me: Oh YES!)
^ Huh? (Me: Pay attention!)
Please no! (Me: Please YES!)
^ Wait... WHAT? (Me: You don't get it?!)
14. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry if it was bad, but I only have so much time! Please leave comments so I can make the next part better. Bye!
*cries* (Me: O.O Wow...)
*gets out mushy tomatoes* (Me: *hides under computer desk*)
^ No! If you hit her computer, she can't make the next part! (Me: Thank you! *crawls back under computer desk*)
15. Who do you like?

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