Couch Potato No It All

You may be a smart school kid but when it comes to television quizzes, how good are you. My quiz is 11 questions long and it is really quite interesting. If you like this quiz then I will make another one just to keep all of you guys happy.

This quiz will tell you if you know or don't know about the good old television. If you don't have a television then I suggest for you not to take this test. I hope you got a resonable score and I hope you like the quiz I made for all of you!

Created by: maddy
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1. What tv show has the words in their theme song 'No Ordinary Girl'?
H2O Just add water
Whats a theme song
2. What show has Miley Cyrus in it!?
Thats so raven
H2O Just add water
Hannah Montana
3. What is a show that is on at 7:30?
Big Brother
Home and away
4. ok easy question! Was colour tv always around to watch?
I don't have a tv
5. Which twin girls starred on the movie full House?
The Veronicas
Jessica and Ashley simpson
What is full house
Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen
6. Easy question! Who star as Kate cerbrano in It Takes Two
Kate Cerbrano
A boy
Courtney Cox
7. Who won It takes two last year?
Kate cerbrano
Erika & David
Jade mcrae
8. Which show has these words in their theme song 'You can gaze into the future'?
Big Brother
The lion king
Thats so Raven
9. What does Couch potato mean?
You sit on the couch and eat potato's
You sit on the couch and watch tv all day
You eat potatoes is the kitchen
You watch tv while standing up
10. Last Question-easy! Is this the last question?
Maybe you never told us
I think
Yes... Of course
No way

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