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Everyone has their flaws. We try to put our best foot forward, yet we cannot escape our imperfections. Below are our personal failings quizzes. Remember, they're all in good fun. Enjoy.

Our Personal Failing Quizzes

  • What is your True Fear?
    [by: Jenny, rated: rated: 4.09/5, published: Sep 23, 2008]

    Fear is a funny thing. It is an emotion that all people will face sometime within their lives. Fear can…

  • How Likely Are You to Go Postal?
    [by: Zennybee, rated: rated: 3.76/5, published: Jul 27, 2006]

    What office or school doesn't have that person everyoen thinks will come in with a machine gun…

  • Do You Pronounce Words Right?
    [by: James, rated: rated: 3.65/5, published: Apr 3, 2007]

    Woe unto the English scholar who must hear daily the mangling of the language by its speakers. So…

  • Are you addicted to the Internet?
    [by: Mark Fleharty, rated: rated: 3.72/5, published: Feb 14, 2007]

    Our society is increasingly becomming dependent on computers and technology. Today many people…

  • How controlling/perfectionist are you?
    [by: katia, rated: rated: 3.33/5, published: Mar 25, 2007]

    Control freaks and perfectionists are often one and the same. If you feel a need to…

  • Has your life jumped the shark?
    [by: shark, rated: rated: 3.05/5, published: Mar 26, 2007]

    As we get to our twenties, many people find themselves or their friends becoming total traitors…

  • Are you an annoying customer?
    [by: Jenifer, rated: rated: 3/5, published: Mar 25, 2007]

    Do you like shopping? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Have you ever asked yourself, though, if…

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