Are you an annoying customer?

Do you like shopping? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Have you ever asked yourself, though, if shopping likes you? Have you considered how you contribute to the social as well as economic interchange of shopping? In other words, are you a good customer, or just a pain in the...

This quiz just might enlighten you. It will certainly give you an idea of what the clerks say after you leave the store. Please choose the answer most similar to your behavior -- and be honest!

Created by: Jenifer
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3. When entering a bookstore, do you observe aloud, "Oh, it's just books"?
"Just" books? Who would say a thing like that?
No, I don't say anything.
No, but I ask for a video game.
I didn't know anyone was listening!
4. Do you talk on your cell phone in stores?
All the time, why?
Only if someone calls me.
If I need to ask someone a question about something I might buy
I generally avoid doing so.
I don't bring it with me, or I don't have one.
5. When shopping with a friend, do you insult the merchandise and pricing within earshot of the proprietor?
Yes, it's how I get my kicks.
Yes, I could get the price lowered that way.
Only in corporate chain stores.
No, I ask the proprietor if the price is negotiable.
We'll just go somewhere else, no need to say anything.
6. Do you look for the price on an item before asking a shopkeeper?
Always, and thoroughly. I rarely have to ask.
Yes, but I often miss it.
Not very hard. If it isn't on the first visible surface, that's too much work.
Why would I do that? Aren't people there to tell me?
7. If you handle an item, and decide not to buy it, where do you put it?
Exactly where it was.
On the nearest flat surface.
Somewhere else in the store.
I hand it to an employee.
In my backpack.
8. You've been shopping all day, and you need a potty break. What's your solution?
I ask the shopkeeper if there's a public restroom, and if so, I make sure to buy something, too.
I argue with the shopkeeper when I'm told it's not public.
I head for a restaurant or a big chain store. They always have restrooms.
I pop a squat in the parking lot, and go back to shopping. What do you mean, where do I wash my hands?
I think I'll just go home. I don't like public restrooms.
9. If you know you aren't going to buy anything, how long do you spend in a shop?
Why would I go shopping if I weren't going to buy anything?
Not too long, just enough to see if I want to come back when I have some money.
Hours! I have a great time, and it doesn't cost me anything! It's a cheap date or family entertainment, too!
Not long looking at the merchandise, but I talk at the shopkeeper for fifteen minutes.
10. If you break it (or your child does), do you offer to buy it?
Of course. It's only right.
I don't exactly offer so much as ask if I have to, but at least I own up to it.
No, I tell an employee how shoddy the merchandise is, and threaten to sue.
No, I make sure nobody saw, and turn it so it's not obvious.
No, I drop it immediately and leave.
11. Do you bring food and/or beverages into stores?
Yeah, why not?
Maybe a closed water bottle, but nothing that can stain.
No, but I might ask if there's a trash can.
... for the wrapper from the greasy burger I just finished.
Absolutely not. I don't want to be responsible for damage.
12. Have you ever worked retail?

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