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Grease is a great classic movie! It's a musical about high school teenagers in love during the 1950's! If you love the movie then you will enjoy these quizzes.

Our Grease Quizzes

  • How Well Do You Know Grease?
    [by: Bethany, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: Jun 26, 2007]

    We've all seen it, that awesome musical from the 70s, Grease. But how WELL do you know it? You could…

  • The Ultimate Grease Quiz
    [by: Cansu, rated: rated: 3.04/5, published: Mar 23, 2008]

    So you've watched the movie but are you a REAL grease fan? Well take this quiz and find out! But before…

  • What female Grease character are you???
    [by: jordan, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Jun 6, 2009]

    Are you stuck in the 50's? Are you dying to know what Grease girl you are??? Well then be…

  • How good do you know grease?
    [by: michelle, rated: rated: 2.77/5, published: Jul 13, 2007]

    There are not many people who like to watch tv, some just wanna go outside and have fun and listen…

  • How well do you know Grease?
    [by: Jessica and Janey, rated: rated: 2.57/5, published: Nov 30, 2007]

    "So we can't all be awesome and get a one hundred percent on this quiz. I mean once you know all the…

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