How good do you know grease?

There are not many people who like to watch tv, some just wanna go outside and have fun and listen to music. Well this is one of those movies where it's fun to watch. You can get up and do the hand jive with them it's so cool!!

Are you a Grease fan? Do you love that movie? I do, I don't know if you do but thanks to this quiz you'll find out in just a few moments how well you know it! Hopefully you've watched the movie enough times to answer some trivia questions! Good luck!

Created by: michelle
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1. Who plays Sandy in Grease
olivia newton john
your grandma
ashley tisdale
2. Who plays Danny
john travoltra
my daddy
orlando bloom
zac efron
3. What are the names of the pink ladies
marget ann, and ali
rizzo,trina,and marti
marti,rizzo,and frenchey
4. What is the song Danny sings when he & Sandy break up
the one that i want
summer nights
grease lightining
5. What is the first song
grease lighining
beauty school drop out
summer nights
6. What dance do they do at the dance.
hand jive
7. Who is Kenickie's date for the dance
8. Who was Kenickie's first girlfriend
9. Does Rizzo get pregant
10. Did Danny put the move on sandy and she got mad
11. What is your favorite song
one that i want
grease lightining
all of the above
12. Guess what its over!!!!!!
wow how exciting
omg wow
good for you

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