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fantazygirl said:
Dec 31 '07, 1:11PM

i thought this quiz was about south carolina!north carolina stinks!south carolina is where greatness resides!steven colbert!

sam_etu said:
Dec 19 '07, 3:53PM

Am just a bit disappointed that those of us over 60 are lumped into one category, unlike those under sixty. In taking quizes for S.C. and Ga. I achieved the same results. I guess that means I and equally planted in all three states.

caroltyndall said:
Dec 17 '07, 8:58PM

100% Go Heels!

Christine said:
Dec 14 '07, 1:20AM

Born and raised in NC but have not lived there since 1960. Scored 84%. Would love to know which ones I missed. Some questions were kinda strange. Still love the "Old North State".


hardyjazz said:
Dec 6 '07, 8:11AM

The test does not tell me which one of these softballs I missed. I have been in Florida for 38 years and only got 98% on the test.

Angela said:
Dec 1 '07, 8:27PM

100% Tarheel is what mine said which is what I already knew because I'm Tarheel born and Tarheel bred and I'll be a Tarheel till I'm dead! LOL Go Tarheels!!!!!!

carolina_rocker2008 said:
Nov 23 '07, 5:17PM

live in beaufort and did almost perfect wooo score one for the natives of carolina

Lil Eddy said:
Nov 19 '07, 11:27AM

Lived here all my life and didn't do as good, but it is a good state. Come over if you want to.

taxman said:
Oct 16 '07, 8:51PM

Lived here all my life .. Aced it! Great little quiz. I did have to scratch my head a few times!

bbclayton said:
Sep 29 '07, 3:27PM

I moved here 3 years ago from Florida so my friend who was born and raised here answered most of the questions. Sure would like to know which ones we missed.


gandale said:
Sep 29 '07, 2:41PM

I enjoyed the Carolina On Your Mind quiz, and, as I knew, I am a true Tarheel even though I haven't lived there since late 1966. I may have left the state, but the state never left me! My dream, to retire back in the hills of NC in a few years! Now, I'm curious as to which answers I missed (mostly sports related, I'm sure). There was no way to view the answers. Thanks for the fun!

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