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stupid_quiz said:
Nov 13 '13, 7:36PM

This quiz is full of outdated and inaccurate information. Carowinds hasn't been owned by Carowinds in 3 years, Elizabeth Dole has not been a senator from NC in 5 years, and soon "Bobcats" won't be the right answer to which NBA team plays in NC

mystori619 said:
Aug 27 '13, 2:30AM

i was born there. i moved when i was 1yr old though... i'd like to go there sometime :)

spongerot said:
Jul 20 '13, 11:21AM

I have lived in NC since 1980, but only scored 90.

Illini said:
Jun 15 '13, 11:10AM

Thanks to the creator of this! It was fun! I first lived in Chapel Hill, now in Raleigh. Came from Champaign, IL. Am going to try to send this to a Tar Heel now in Chicago. I, too, would have enjoyed seeing the answers. Got a 95 so much have missed who beat the Panthers. Oh, well....

paintcan said:
Apr 23 '13, 9:31AM

This native scored 98 % is good but I'm danged sure not a tar heel.

simpson712 said:
Mar 4 '13, 3:42PM

I want to know which ones I missed......

Norman said:
Feb 19 '13, 3:06PM

Only 95%. I wonder which one I missed.

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