Can you handle living in Iowa?

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Ali4ever said:
Sep 3 '11, 9:59PM

i was born in iowa, but i moved to colorado a few months later so i don't remember anything.

legoloser4 said:
Feb 21 '11, 9:34PM

just so you know ive lived in iowa my entire life! the quiz said i wasnt iowan at all:( fun quiz no matter what though. IOWA RULES!

HelloMotoBaby said:
Jul 19 '10, 4:55PM

i got maybe iowan, but im totally iowan! you're right iowa rocks!!! i'm from cedar rapids!

softball_lover4 said:
Jan 11 '08, 2:08PM

i accidentally messed this quiz up, oh well, if you got maby iowan, and IOWAN, they were pretty much the same by accident. oh well. I LOVE IOWA!!!

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