Can you beat this GAT [General Aptitude Test] quiz?

In Thailand, the test called GAT [General Aptitude Test] and PAT [Professional and Academic Aptitude Test] will be held in 7-8, 14-15 Mar / 4-5, 11-12 Jul and 10-11, 17-18 Oct 2009. These tests are for any high school students who want to study in college or university. In this quiz, I've got an EXAMPLE of GAT test for you here. Sound interesting? So, take this quiz!

The only one thing (maybe -.-) you have to do in GAT test is 'think, think, and think'. It's not too difficult for you, I guess. Do you wanna know if you can beat this quiz? Come on, take this quiz, and let's see how clever you are!

Created by: Netto PP of Tabengnao
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1. John is taller than Helen. Tom is shorter than John. So...
Tom is taller than Helen.
Helen is taller than Tom.
Tom is as tall as Helen.
It's impossible to tell that Tom or Helen is taller than the other.
2. A spaceship got 3 messages from an alien and they could be read that 1) "Madego Oboseo Ellieo" means "Danger Rocket Explosion" --- 2) "Watoi Eosogo Madego" means "Danger Spaceship Fire" and 3) "Oboseo Zeiomo Wosido" means "Bad Gas Explosion" --- What does "Ellieo" mean?
3. Truth 1 : All dogs like to run. --- Truth 2 : Some of the dogs like to swim. --- Truth 3 : Some of the dogs' faces look like their owners' faces. --- If all those 3 sentences are true, which one is true, too?
All dogs' faces which like to swim look like their owners' faces.
The dogs which like to swim like to run, too.
The dogs' faces which like to run don't look like their owners' faces.
There's no correct answer.
4. In the stadium, Nick is sitting on the seat no. 253. Marcus is sitting on the seat no. 254 right from Nick. Left from Nick is Katy, and left from Katy is Naomi. What's seat no. Naomi is sitting?
5. There're 3 boats moored on the same pier. The blue boat is right from the red one and left from the green one. What if we alternate the position of the blue boat and the green one?
The blue boat is right from the red one.
The green boat is in the middle.
The red boat is right from the blue one.
The red boat is in the middle.
6. 4 students is sharing the pizza. They decide that who's the oldest will get a 'special' piece. Kate is older than Susan 2 months. Susan is younger than Alex 3 months. Sam is older than Susan 1 month. Who should get the 'special' piece?
7. Peter must use the highway only to reach the office. He has a meeting at 9 am. If he miss the meeting, he wouldn't get the important report. The highway closed all day due to the accident. We can precis that...
Peter won't be able to reach the office.
Peter wouldn't be able to adjourn the meeting.
Peter won't get the important report.
There's no correct answer.
8. Smith is older than Bob who is his cousin. Bob's elder brother is Brian, older than Smith. When Bob and Brian visit Smith, they like to play Monopoly. Bob often wins Smith. --- Which one is true?
When they're playing Monopoly, Brian always loses.
Smith is the oldest.
Smith hates to lose in Monopoly.
Bob is the youngest.
9. Nicole lives in the big city, Jack who's her younger cousin lives in the small town, the population of this town is less than 1,000. In the last 5 years, Jack visited Nicole many time, on the contrary, Nicole visited Jack only for once. --- Which one is true?
Jack likes Nicole more than Nicole likes Jack.
Nicole thinks that it's boring to live in the small town.
Nicole is older than Jack.
Jack wants to move to the big city.
10. Evan is 12 years old. She asks for a dog from her parents for 3 years. Her parents tell her that they believe that the dog wouldn't be happy to live in the apartment, but they allow her to pet a bird. She doesn't decide what type of bird she wants to pet. --- Which one is true?
Evan's parents prefer bird to dog.
Evan doesn't like bird.
Evan and her parents live in the apartment.
Evan and her parents want to move out.

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