Can you be a Mall Ninja?

Mall Ninjas are frickin' sweet. This is a club, that, you can't get in if you don't know one of the people who runs it. You can take the quiz anyway if you want, though, in case you want to know.

GO MALL NINJAS!! We rock and I'm only still writing because it says it has to be a certain amount of length. Take the quiz, blahdy blah blah blah. Yeah, that's it.

Created by: Kasi/Beth
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1. You see a pair of polka dot leggings on sale for 5 dollars. You really like them, but leggings are going out of style. You...
See if you can get them cheaper somewhere else.
Buy them anyway, who cares what anyone else thinks?
All of the above.
Don't get them. Why would you want to be out of style?
2. You're walking from school to your mom's work and stop at the mall on the way. Your mom gave you enough money to take the max home, and you see a shirt on sale that you have just enough money to buy! You...
Buy it! You almost never see fare inspectors anyway.
Don't get it. You know your conscience would eat at you forever.
Put it on hold and come back later.
Call your mom and beg her for money.
3. You've got twenty dollars. Five dollars is for lunch. You need a new outfit, which is what the remaining 15 is for. Do you...
Bargain shop. Fun and easy!
Skip lunch. You can eat later!!
Eat lunch and then use your "emergency" credit card.
Buy what you can and steal the rest.
4. You find a wallet full of cash on the ground at the mall. It has no i.d. in it and various credit cards. You...
Keep it! CHA CHING!!!
Take it to customer service.
Look around for the person for a few minutes.
Call the credit card company to find out who it belongs to, hoping they'll give you some reward money!
5. You're at the mall with a friend. As you're walking out of a store, you notice she's stealing a cute pair of underwear. You know stealing is wrong, but when you casually mention it to your friend, she tells you it's no big deal and encourages you to do it
Tell her no thanks and let her do what she wants.
Grab a pair too! They're so cute and you're low on cash.
Steal nothing, but don't object to her stealing things and giving them to you.
Tell her that she has to take it in and put it back!
6. There are pants you want that are brand new, just came into the stores. They're 60 dollars and that's WAY more than you want to spend. What do you do?
Buy them now! You have to be fashionable!
Wait a week hoping they go on sale, when they don't, buy them anyway.
Wait until they're out of fashion but are on supersale. Who cares if you're a little late on trends? At least you got it for cheap!
Not buy them. You don't have the patience.
7. Do you want to be a Mall Ninja because of...
the MALL!!!!!
Ninjas. They rock. HI-YA!
Courteousness is fuuuuun.
All of the above.
8. You spend an hour putting together an outfit you think is totally fabulous and reflects the "inner you" but when you get to school, some girl tells you it's ugly.
Who cares?! Ignore her. You like it and that's what matters.
Slap her and storm off.
Go home, take it off and never put it on again.
9. How do you see yourself?
Hideous. I could think of a million things I want to change.
Gorgeous! I'm fabulous and I know it.
I'm happy with myself the way I am. I know that i'm beautiful in my own way...and on the inside.
10. On a scale of one to six, rate yourself as a mall goer. (By the way, you might get a wrong answer because we had to pick one as being right. But that doesn't really matter for this one, we just wanted to know!)
Rock hard!
Pretty Frickin Sweet.
Not so much.
I hate the mall.
11. On a scale of one to six, rate yourself as a ninja!
Best Ninja EVER!
A pretty sweet Ninja.
Average Ninja.
Not so good Ninja.
Terrible Ninja.
Ninjas?! I hate NINJAS! DIE!!!

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