Cabbage Patch Kid Lover Quiz

Maybe you stood in line before dawn and wrestled another desperate mom for that last big yellow box in December of 1983, or maybe you just discovered those darling 2007 Fresh Scent 'Kids with the adorable eyelashes in your local Wal-Mart! Either way, you love Cabbage Patch 'Kids.

They're cute and cuddly. They're one-of-a-kind and adoptable. Find out how much you love them, and how you stack up against other Cabbage collectors! Put on your "My Cabbage Patch Kid and Me" matching outfits and take this quiz.

Created by: AmyD
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. Do you still have your first Cabbage Patch Kid?
Yes, I got Eleanor Althea for Christmas in 1983 and she is sitting on my bed in her original rosebud lace dress, socks, shoes and diaper, all in pristine condition!
Yes, Oswald Blake is a little grimy but he still has most of his hair and stitches, I haven't seen his shoes in 20 years though.
No, Marla Ruth was lost in a tragic accident, and I have been trying to find her twin ever since!
Yes, I won Francis Leon in an E-bay auction a few years ago because I couldn't get one in the 80s.
Yes, I still have Eudora Letitia, but she is a Pumpkin Patch/Taro Patch/Homemade Kid with her toe stitches and eyebrows "loved" off.
Yes, I fell in love with the Play Along Kids when I first saw them in 2004-- I bought Conner Jordan for my daughter's birthday but kept him myself!
4. Which of the following terms have you used to refer to one of your Cabbage Patch Kids?
Member of the family
All of the above
5. Describe your 'Patch.
Small and well-loved, consisting of my best childhood friends.
Expanding--I just discovered E-bay! Did you know they made Cabbage Patch dolls in Japan?!
Exclusive. I only collect MIB Kinder Kuschel freckled #4s with red braids.
Bumper crop! I gave them their own room, but they've taken over the whole house!
Comprehensive, with examples of each head mold/hairstyle/eye color combo in every series from 1983 Colecos to 2007 Play Alongs, with numerous examples of factory mistakes.
Patch of what?
6. What is the most you have ever paid for a single Cabbage Patch Kid?
My parents flew to California to buy me my first Cabbage Patch Kid for $500 on the black market in 1983.
My last Special Edition was $350 and absolutely TDF!
Not telling, but I never lose a bidding war.
$20, but the shipping from Canada/Australia/the US cost more than that.
$34.99 at Target (well, okay, it was for a Sister set!)
$10 at Salvation Army. I buy pre-loved, then wash, repair and re-root them and dress them in outfits I sew myself.
7. Quick! What color is the signature on a 1987 Coleco?
Mint Green
8. How do you feel about Cabbage Patch Kids who have the pox?
My first 'Kid and best childhood friend came down with it a few years back, but I love her just the same.
I feel bad for them since no one else loves them. They always have a place in my 'Patch!
I can't believe I just paid $50 for a MNRFB 'Kid with all these white spots on his head! I'm filing a PayPal claim!
I've tried Removes-It, pimple cream, boiling water and the hot August sun to get rid of 'em...I finally just put a hat on his head and hoped they don't spread.
If collectors simply stored their 'Kids properly, they wouldn't get the pox.
Thank God I only adopt softies and PA's!
9. Do you talk to your Cabbage Patch Kids?
Nah...but I'll give them a quick kiss and squeeze if no one else is looking.
No, but if *they* could talk I know exactly what they'd say.
Yes, I baby talk to my 'Kids, my cats, and my spouse!
Yes, but they mostly ignore me and just whisper to each other behind my back.
Of course I do! They keep me company all day long and we have a blast. Isis Dora has a wicked sense of humor but Earl Bradley is a little shy and has to warm up to you before he'll start in with the knock-knock jokes.
No, they can't hear me inside their boxes.
10. Do you belong to any Cabbage Patch Kid Collectors' Clubs?
No, but when I was nine I was the president of the Joey MacIntyre Fan Club...does that count?
I lurk at an online collector's message board.
I joined all the online collector's clubs I could Google, I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all my "Godmommies" and I've perfected the art of the four-way trade.
I started my own club, but so far only me and my 'Kids belong.
I own so may Collector's Edition and Spring Event softies I've lost count, and if I wore only Babyland General Hospital souvenir t-shirts I wouldn't have to do laundry for a month.
Oh my gosh! They have Cabbage Patch Kid collectors' clubs?! Where do I sign up??
11. Have you ever dreamed about Cabbage Patch Kids?
That's kind of obsessive, isn't it?
I'm surprised that I haven't seeing as how they all sleep in my bed.
I've had nightmares over what they're doing to my checking account!
I've had nightmares over the new "Eyelash" 'Kids!
Yes, Cabbage Patch Kids of the future visit me in dreams and I describe them in my letters to Xavier Roberts.
Just last night I dreamed that me and this gorgeous PA-3 girl with superfreckles and gorgeous thick two-tone popcorn curls a foot and a half long were lost in a game of Candyland and then I looked down and saw that I was naked, and Teddy Ruxpin and that c
12. Your Cabbage Patch Kid repair kit includes...
Nothing. I only buy new in box.
Nothing. I love my 'Kids as is. Who cares if have fuzzy hair or missing stitches? It's just proof of how well they've been loved.
My repair kit consists of laundry detergent and my washing machine.
Oxyclean, toothpaste, toothbrush, nail polish remover, pimple cream, scissors.
Oxyclean, toothpaste, toothbrush, nail polish remover, pimple cream, scissors, Formula 911, needle, embroidery thread, yarn, power drill, hemostats, cable ties, paint pen.
I run an in-home Cabbage Patch Kids Hospital.
13. Quick! When is Xavier Roberts' birthday?
October 1st.
January 17th.
April 1st.
December 25th.
November 1st.
October 31st.
14. You adopt Cabbage Patch Kids that look... they were waiting for you to come get them. You can see it in their eyes. someone you love, like your children or siblings when they were younger.
...sad or shy. You love softies, Coleco #1s and PA-3s.
...just like the one you had when you were a kid. they've been pre-loved and abandoned, and really need you to fix them up. they're on sale at Walmart.
15. Your Cabbage Patch Kids have their own...
...diapers, socks and shoes. Well, most of them do, anyway.
...wardrobes including weather-appropriate clothing and special outfits for all the major holidays.
... mini Cabbaage Patch Kids.
...brothers and sisters, with similar head molds or hair and eye colors.
...special something. You can't really describe it.... on the shelf.
16. When you were a kid... had lots of Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbies, My Little Ponies, and your own room with a t.v. and a bed with a pink ruffled canopy. Your friends were jealous. were so surprised when Santa left you that gorgeous Cabbage Patch Kid under the tree! had plenty of trucks and G.I. Joes, but wished you could have had a Cabbage Patch Kid. had a family that couldn't afford to spend $40 or more on a Cabbage Patch Kid.
...Cabbage Patch Kids hadn't been invented! You bought one for your own kid when they came out...and then you got a couple for yourself. had to walk 9 miles to school, up hill both ways, and nobody had dolls, they played with twigs and lumps of coal, and they were happy to get them!
17. So, why did you take this quiz anyway?
My"career 'Kid" softie was surfing the web and e-mailed me the link.
I want to be able to proove to all the other collectors I know that they are just poseurs and I am the only one that has *truly* devoted myself to the worship of the Cabbage.
I am looking for something, ANYTHING to take my mind off that auction my spouse forbade me to bid on. There is no more room in my 'Patch...there is no more room in my 'Patch....there is no more room in my 'Patch.......
I am employed by Play Along. What is your problem with the new "Fresh Scent" line, anyway? .....Dude, you won't *believe* the flashback I just had. It was amazing.....Hey, let's put tattoos and facial hair on the next run...
Peer pressure. My Cabbies told me to. They can be very persuasive.
I love all things CABBAGE!

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